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This article is about Supernatural The Abridged Animation by TheWINChestersInc.


An abridgement of the anime version of Supernatural (TV Series running from 2005-present). Supernatural the Animation Abridged is written by a team of Omnibeneficial, ThroneofCipher and xbubblemunkyx under the youtube channel TheWINChestersInc and edited by Omnibeneficial.


  • Omnibeneficial: Dean Winchester, John Winchester, David (ep. 2), Kevin (ep. 3), Kel Kimble (ep. 5), Misery (ep. 6), Extras
  • ThroneofCipher: Sam Winchester, Greely (ep. 2), Michael's Dad (ep. 3)
  • xbubblemunkyx: Wife and Catherine (ep. 1), Molly (ep. 2), Girl (ep. 3), Madison (ep. 4), Ryan (ep. 5), Little Scottish Girl (ep. 6)
  • ???: Castiel

Guest Stars[]

  • TheDeathWombat: Shapeshifter (ep. 1)
  • ChadVision: Michael (ep. 3)
  • LoliWithAnExcaliborg: Aussie Gordon (ep. 4)
  • Takahata101: "Alucard" (ep. 5), Ghost Nappa (ep. 6)
  • Sydsnap: That Mom like person (ep. 6)
  • PurpleEyesWTF: Cool Ass Baby (ep. 6)
  • Jadethefirefox: Mary Winchester (ep. 6)

Episode List[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 - The Shifting Jul 27, 2011
Episode 2 - Stir of Echoes Aug 17, 2011
Episode 3 - Prejudicial System Oct 13, 2011
Episode 4 - Dances With Wolves Mar 13, 2012
Episode 5 - Vampire Bats Aug 18, 2012
Episode 6 - L'Erreur de Francais Jan 1, 2014

Common Themes[]

The abridged series references concepts that don’t show up until many seasons later in the live-action show, including:

  • Dean and Sam each ending up in Hell at some point in the future
  • The conflict with the angel Zacharaiah (who once used resurrection of the dead to manipulate the brothers)
  • The angel Castiel who becomes an ally of the Winchesters - and Dean especially - later on in the series (plus references to his god-complex/fall from grace in even later seasons)
  • The fact that creatures such as werewolves go to Purgatory when they die

Character Differences:

  • Sam Winchester: Often comes across as immature or child-like, being more impulsive and less patient with people than in the original series. Reaches new levels of disturbing when he's hooking up with Maddison (ep. 4).
  • Dean Winchester: The more rational of the two, though not by much. He’s more of a psychopath and criminal than in the original series, being responsible for murdering hookers (ep. 4) and acts of arson (ep. 6).

Running Gags:

  • The scenery outside the Impala during driving scenes is replaced by random images from other shows/cartoons/etc. Occasionally relevant to what’s actually being talked about inside the car.
  • “GORDON!”
  • Dean’s necklace shoots laser beams
  • breaking into Google headquarters to use the web search.