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Star Wars: Clone Wars Abridged
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Codey Vance
Allen Jones
Jacob M. Keene
John Rogers

Original Run

September 5th 2015 - Ongoing





Star Wars: Clone Wars Abridged is an abridged series created by TheMJDoctor, which is based on 2003’s Star Wars: Clone Wars. It is a parody but keeps plot lines similar to that of the original show.

These two episodes have since been deleted.


Voice Actors Characters
Codey Vance Anakin Skywalker
Allen Jones Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku
Jacob M. Keene Master Yoda
John Rogers Clone Reginald, Clone Dave, Clone Troopers
Redeye Durge, Battle Droids
EnigmaticDoodle Padme Amidala, Asajj Ventress (Ep1 only)
TheMJDoctor C3PO, Mace Windu (Ep1 only), San Hill
Lucas W.G. Chancellor Palpatine
Jon Bailey Clone Reginald (Ep1 only)
ArcadianSonnetVA Asajj Ventress

Theme Songs[]

The original theme song for Clone Wars Abridged was Edwin Star's 'War'. This lasted for two episodes until it was changed to a version of John Williams' 'The Force Theme' that had been recreated by 'monforyhorrors'. The reason for the change was because TheMJDoctor found out there had already been a successful attempt at making a Clone Wars Abridged series that used Edwin Star's 'War' as its main theme.


Since Episode 2 of the series, there has been a disclaimer that says "The following is a non-profit fan-based parody. Star Wars is owned by LucasFilm, The Walt Disney Company and 20th Century Fox. Please support the official release." A character from that specific episode will read out the content. This idea was heavily inspired by TeamFourStar's Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

  • Episode 2 - Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Episode 3 - Durge

Ongoing Jokes[]

Obi Wan's Catchphrase "Oh Shoot"[]

  • Episode 1 - When rockets head for Republic ships. (Said by Obi Wan)
  • Episode 2 - When Durge is destroying Republic forces. (Said by Obi Wan)
  • Episode 3 - When Durge is destroying Republic forces. (Said by Obi Wan)

Clone Dave's Weapon "The Big One"[]

  • Episode 2 - Used to destroy a tower full on Battle Droids.
  • Episode 3 - Used to injure Durge.

List Of Episodes[]

Thumbnail Episode Original Air Date
Chapter I - Oh Pilot, My Pilot September 5th 2015
Chapter II - Game Of Clones October 3rd 2015
Chapter III - The Force And The Furious TBA 2015