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30th May 2011 - present



Spider-Man: The Abridged Series is the title of My Name Is Mircea Inc.'s abridged series based on the Spider-Man: The Animated Series, made by Marvel Entertainment, and currently an one-shot. Like many abridged series, Spider-Man: TAS takes the personalities of each character to their extremes and conveys the original plot, showing the ridiculous oversight of many characters within each episode.


Early Ideas/One-Shot[]

After the success of DrMircow's first solo one-shot, Men In Black: The Abridged Series (currently a series now), he decided to make another one but on Spider-Man: The Animated Series, after being influenced by LetsBurnHoles. The main reason was to experiment new things with scripting, jokes, voice acting and pace; things which may or may not have been good enough in his first solo one-shot attempt.

First Episode[]

On 31st May 2011, the first episode entitled "Night Of The Shazam" was uploaded on YouTube. The episode was extremely well received by the YouTube community.


On 27th June 2011, another episode was officially announced by DrMircow on his Tumblr page. However, there is no date for when production will start. [1]


As the name suggests, Spider-Man: The Abridged Series is a dramatically shortened down version of the original series, cutting each episode down from its original twenty minutes.


The main plot of the series is yet unknown due to the fact that only one episode was produced so far.


The humour of the series has constantly varied and expanded from its original premise. Rather than just making fun at the original series, other elements have been added throughout time to the parody.


The series is also known for playing different songs to suit the mood of certain situations.

List Of Episodes[]

Season One[]

  • Episode 1: Night Of The Shazam


As expected in a parody, the characters for the series have similar personalities to their original counterparts; however, most aspects are greatly exaggerated.


Spider-Man/Peter Parker[]

In the abridged universe, Peter Parker is the typical idiot photographer working for The Daily Bugle from New York City, although he did show some signs of intelligence. During high school, Parker got bitten by a radioactive spider which gave him the proportional powers and abilities of a spider, ultimately becoming Spider-Man. A notable trademark of Parker is his obsessive use of Captain Marvel's catchphrase "Shazam!" during awkward moments or fights. This use is somewhat an irony because the origin of the catchphrase comes from a DC character.

Parker showed some signs of jealousy when it comes to competitions. This was particularly showed in Episode 1 when his rival, Eddie Brock, got some information regarding the Lizard to J.J. Jameson.

He currently lives with his Aunt May.

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Theme Tune[]

The episode starts with the original intro of Spider-Man: The Animated Series but with a different theme tune. The song used is "Spiderman" by Ramones.


Spider-Man: The Abridged Series is known for using soundtracks in its episodes. Currently one score has been used in the series. What follows is a list of the scores:

  • Episode 1
   Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
   Gregory Brothers - Double Rainbow Song
   Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girlfriend
   Queen - Bicycle Race

Recurring Jokes[]

  • Spider-Man saying "Shazam!".
  • Parker reminding everyone that he is Spider-Man.


  • All the characters are voiced by DrMircow.
  • The one-shot was mainly inspired by LetsBurnHoles's The Not So Amazing Spider-Man.
  • The catchphrase "Shazam!" was inspired by the same catchphrase used in Episode 6 of The Not So Amazing Spider-Man.


  1. [1] Another episode was announced on DrMircow's Tumblr.