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Sparklin Water Productions

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October 26, 2010






Sparklin Water Productions was started by Gigaman92 and evildevilgurl as an open team to create abridged series. After production of the series Naruto TNR Edition on blip.tv, Sparklin Water Productions was founded as a venue to release abridged productions through YouTube. Nearly 6 months after founding, Sparklin Water Productions released the first episode of their new series, Soul Eater Giga Redux.


  • Gigaman92 - Writer, Mixer, Producer, Voice Actor
  • evildevilgurl - Voice Actress
  • 13solja - Voice Actor
  • reunitepyro - Voice Actor
  • SuperAmericanBoy - Voice Actor
  • TylerRaven - Voice Actor


Sparklin Water Productions uses Sony Vegas, Audacity, Windows Live Messenger, and Adobe Premiere Pro for production and audio recording.


Soul Eater Giga Redux[]

A more traditional parody/abridged series of the anime Soul Eater. Exaggerates characters and makes references to media and memes. With the experience gained from creating Naruto TNR Edition, Soul Eater Giga Redux is Sparklin Water Productions' breakout into the abridged making community.


  • Sparklin Water Productions is named after a running gag in Naruto TNR Edition and soon enough Soul Eater Giga Redux where characters, upon entering scene, say "I see you bitches is enjoyin my sparklin water". The joke itself comes from The Lonely Island song "Santana DVX".
  • All team members have played or currently play the broswer based game The Ninja Rpg, which is where they all met.

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Sparklin Water Productions