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soulbrothanumbuh3 is a Youtube parody dubber that leaves any other anime mouth breather in the dust. Creator of Yu Yu Hakusho The Better Version, Batman Beyond ill, DBZ Saiyaman Saga Was Sick & YugiCoin. His TBA projects include Shendo's Pizza Punchers and Tango With Django In A Non Racist Way 2. Lion King sucked.

Voice Actors

Soulbrotha is known for his team of amazing voice actors that assist when they can to make joke-o's an audio reality.

DruoxTheShredder is the best voice actor on the team. Druox enjoys double fresh bell peppers and Cluck-U Chicken. One time he went so hard in the paint he won every voice acting award at the Oscars.

Reno started slinging with Soulbrotha Studios with a killer Kurama impression in March 2013. He really likes the 2001 film "Josey and the Pussycats" and identifies as "Team Josie". He drinks his dad's Mike's Hard Lemonade and contemplates suicide twice a week.

Joe is big, buff, and voices Batman. Not the old one, the young money one. Joe's qualities include screaming and working out to softcore Mario style. In 1998, he beat the shit out of his Mom's BF with a fucking stool and sent that truckloving gravybaby to the ER.

Chuck Whynne is most notable for voicing Gohan. Before the voice actors life, he was running the meme empire that is Trollface. 7 years after creating the Trollface in his parent's garage, he sold the rights to Adam Sandler to pursue his dream of voice acting. In 1997, he formed an alliance with Soulbrotha and created smut ever since.

Bryan Rooney did literally one side character in the first Batman Beyond ill. He was the one that said "Fuck my ASS" in a raspy voice. Joe shows it to all his bros at super slick kickback jam seshes with guitars and drums. They all laugh and are like "Haha hey man, Bryan, man, let's get high." and then they talk about other times they got high it was so fucking funny bro hehaha man dude.

OMGTSN does the good raspy voices. His most recent battle with the law was getting pulled over while he was on the way back from Taco Bell to watch The New Guy. He was speeding very fast because The New Guy is OMGTSN's all time favorite movie ever.


- Is big

- Saw Michael Jordan play for the Wizards

- Is the only person who told Kogan to "fuck off"

-Runs SoulBro Radio, the best show in internet radio history

-Didn't shit for 7 weeks

-Is the best person on this website