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Soul Whatever
Created by PurpleEyesWTF
Cast PurpleEyesWTF
Run 28th Nov 2012-
Episodes 3
Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOL2-soOG-Y

Creator and background info[]

Soul Whatever is a parody of Soul Eater created by PurpleeyesWTF that currently has 3 episodes and has been in a crossover with PurpleeyesWTF's Code MENT and None Piece. Soul Whatever is the 4th series created by PurpleeyesWTF after Code Geass: Abridgement, Code MENT and None Piece. The voice actors have not been listed but as with most of his projects it is believed that PurpleeyesWTF voices all characters himself.


The first episode titled Soul Whatever: "Documentary" was uploaded November 28th 2012 and the description states.The second episode titled Soul Whatever: "Third Earth" uploaded April 10th 2014. He also used Soul Eater characters in the video uploaded before the first episode to promote the charity livestream Desert bus.

Episode list[]

Thumbnail Episodes Air Date
Documentary November 28th 2012
Third Earth April 10th 2014
Fixed May 19th 2015


  • It is revealed and referenced that in the canon PurpleeyeWTF has created with his shows Death the kid is related to Lelouch who is the nephew of Alucard from Team Four Star's Hellsing ultimate abridged.
  • Ironically in the first episode it is revealed that Soul dislikes anime.
  • In the second episode Death the kid's Ipad has a mixing of the Apple logo and the Guild sign for Fairy Tail from Fairy Tail