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Soul Eater Parody
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Shibusen Productions


4/14/2009 - 4/5/2010




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Soul Eater Parody was written and edited by Ezekieru, with some scripting and sound effect help from KaiserNeko, and uploaded to the Youtube Channel [ShibusenProductions]. Each of the first 3 episodes covers an episode of the Soul Eater anime, covering the character introductions for the 3 main meister teams. Although fan-reception of the episodes was generally positive, especially with praise for the quality of editing and Takahata101's voice acting for Shinigami-sama, the series was reportedly cancelled after episode 3 due to Ezekieru being unhappy with the scripting.

The series suffered from copyright claims, including having episodes 1 and 2 shortly before episode 3 was released. Although all three episodes were available on ShibusenProductions for a time, the channel is currently closed.


Roles in (brackets) were not reached within the 3 episode run.

Episode List[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 01 - The Beginning of the End...Literally https://web.archive.org/web/20110913064425/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfayUijpEeY&gl=US&hl=en&amp;has_verified=1



Apr 14, 2009
Episode 02 - Samurai vs. Ninja: Black Star's BIG Premiere! https://archive.org/details/SEPEpisode02


Jul 11, 2009
Episode 03 - The Mummy 4: Death the Kid's Quest for Symmetry and Perfection


Apr 5, 2010

Common Themes[]

  • Opening #1: Soul's Crossing by T.M. Revolution.
  • The first student to collect 99 human souls and 1 witch soul receives "A BRAND NEW CAR!"
  • Shinigami-sama referencing the fact that the characters should easily be able to collect all the souls that they need to end the series within these first 3 episodes...as long as they don't screw up.


Episode 1[]

  • ABC network: The Price is Right
  • John Goodman
  • Fullmetal Alchemist/Studio Bones
  • "The More You Know" Moment when Soul swallows a soul without chewing
  • Maka decides to give up on men and become a lesbian after Soul's betrayal

Episode 2[]

  • Black Star makes a plan to take down Al Capone for tax evasion after the assassination fails.
  • Black Star ends his fight with Mifune because he's creeped out after mistaking him for a pedophile when the witch Angela shows up.
  • Avoids using Blackstar's use of the word "BIG" as an excuse for penis jokes throughout the entire episode (until it's lampshaded at the very end)

Episode 3[]

  • Lupin III: Liz sarcastically calls Kid "Zenigata" when he's distracted by symmetry and allows thief "Lupin I" to escape.
  • The Mummy: Death the Kid has a break-down when the Mummy in the episode reveals that he's actually Vin Diesel, not Arnold Vosloo as expected.
  • Hammer: Super Smash Bros Music: plays when the Mummy is smacking Kid with a hammer