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This article is about the voice actor known as SoulReaperHikuru, also known as the host of "The Dungeon" or "Hikuru's Dungeon" on Youtube, he later relabeled himself as "Mr. Rose". He is also known as being a member of The Sagas Council.


SoulReaperHikuru started as a YouTuber many years ago, starting with a channel called GWEChamp. It originated as an early CAW(Create-A-Wrestler) Fed. Due to lack of proper equipment, he moved on to making MV's, whether it was wrestling or Anime. In late 2008, SoulReaperHikuru would create XXXTremeAlliance (under the alias of XXXTremekid), where he mostly posted gaming related content with some occasional AMV's & voice acting work. Most noticeably he posted a Dragon Ball Abridged, though the date is uncertain due to the series no longer being around, it received very mixed reviews, he decided to discontinue it. Later on in 2009, he would meet VegetaSasuke0 & HN5353 from a mutual friend (IAmKitsumi), where things would take off as they started doing various projects together (despite a rather rocky friendship over the years).

In 2009, VegetaSasuke0 created a channel called The Sagas Council , which was meant to be somewhat of a community driven channel for various other things other than parodies (it would contain interviews, commentaries, & various other bonus clips), in which SoulReaperHikuru became one of the first outside members (asides from VegetaSasuke0 & HN5353). In 2012 The Sagas Council made various videos that were considered to be "hate" videos, but SoulReaperHikuru had gone on the record to state that the group was allowed to do as they please, as it was freedom of speech, & not really considered racist, but more along the lines of misunderstood.

He planned on making a series called "Case Closed Chronicles", mainly because he is a fan of Case Closed & would love to put his own spin on the series.

Projects & Appearances[]

Most of his appearances are alongside fellow Sagas Council members. His appearances are the following:

Main Projects & Appearances[]

Projects By The Sagas Council[]

Projects By AnimeParodiesInc[]

  • Dragon Ball Z Parody: Pimp Vegeta, Pimp Of All Saiyans - Narrator.

Other Appearances[]

  • VegetaSasuke0 Prank Calls Series - Himself.


  • He is mostly focused on his gaming channel.
  • The username "SoulReaperHikuru" did not stem from Bleach, as he has stated previously that he is not really a fan of Bleach.
  • Considered a Nintendo fanboy by himself & his peers.
  • One of his favorite anime series' is the Dragon Ball series, while Azumanga Daioh & Maburaho are considered guilty pleasure anime.
  • He is deep into mystery & detective anime such as Case Closed (Detective Conan) & Lupin The 3rd.