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Team SOSAbridged, a two man group, initiated their Abridged parody of The popular anime "Death note" on June first 2010.

So far it has proved to be the most successful attempt at the series in it's early stages heralding over a hundred viewers in just under a week. In comparison to Other deathnote series one of the co-founders described their series as "Having more life in our voices then any other Death Note series out there." and on another note he also proclaimed that "Our series is more directed to an audience familiar with many japanese themes, we want to draw in a larger crowd than just the people who watch adult swim. We are looking for an easy laugh with our fellow american otaku as well as with everyone else."

Although only new to the game, they have expressed ambitions of surpassing little kuriboh, creator of the famous Yu-Gi-Oh! abridged.

The SOSabridged team's first notice to the public eye of their Death note series, was uploaded to youtube on May 2nd, 2010. A video Titled "Kiras Actions" that had L looping a theory until an annoyed Light proceeded do "deck him in the face" after one to many repititions.

As of 6-8-10 there are only 3 shorts available and one episode, the first seven are already planned.

As of 11-1-10 there are 3 episodes 3 shorts and sosabridged has tanked up too 67 subscribers

Communications[edit | edit source]

As an added bonus the Team has expressed the desire to communicate with their fans, in preperation for this Facebook and Myspace accounts have been set up for multiple characters to talk as themselves to the fans. Likewise accounts have even been prepared on Skype and Gaiaonline.

A current known list of avalible accounts has not been identified but a list of Gaiaonline avatars has including:






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Sony vegas.




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