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November 19, 2011 - Present


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Skyward Sword Abridged is an abridged parody created by Emakentaz.


  • Link - the main character who is always making stupid remarks and thinking about Zelda; he has yet to learn about the sword he carries and his mission; he likes candy
  • Zelda - Link's psyco girlfriend who was taken in a hurricane; she also can't decide if she loves Link or not
  • Groose - Link's bully his childish personality and love for Zelda has left him to use his muscles only to pick on Link and try to increase his chances of getting with Zelda; he also stole Link's Loftwing Phil; in episode eight he becomes a man
  • Phil - Link's talking loftwing
  • Fi - Link's new companion who is also the spirit of the Goddess Sword Link wields; so far it is know she has strong fellings for Link; she perfers to be called Fi-Fi
  • Headmaster Gaepora - Zelda's father; he suspects something between his daughter and Link but is not to sure
  • Gherihim - a strange man who loves Link with manly love, he also loves to sing dubs of popular songs
  • Kikwi King - hes a ... well ... um ... ok so we don't know much about him
  • Mexican Mogma - a mexican mogma who really likes jokes
  • Goron Archeologist - a goron who sounds like Mr. T his special move is Goron Smash (a parody of falcon punch)
  • The Imprisoned - a giant monster with a hatred for music
  • Impa - for some reason she is helping Zelda; she sounds similar to the old woman in the sealed temple
  • The Water Dragon Goddess - a water dragon goddess with a high pitched voice
  • Johnny - the boss from the Ancient Cistern; he is an animatronic so he is easly confused
  • Billy - the cyclops monster awakened by Link
  • Skipper - the robot pirate who owned Skipper's Peral

Special Guests[]

  • Kikwi Elder - (voiced by Kindomkeycrafter) helped Link on his journy


Episode Air Date
Episode 1 November 19, 2011
Episode 2 January 12, 2012
Episode 3 March 4, 2012
Episode 4 April 16, 2012
Episode 5 June 18, 2012
Episode 6 August 21, 2012
Episode 7 October 6, 2012
Episode 8 October 30, 2012
Episode 9 March 1, 2013
Episode 10 March 16, 2013
Episode 11 June 22, 2013
Episode 12 June 29, 2013
Episode 13 August 14, 2013
Episode 14 November 11, 2013

Catchphrases/ Running Jokes[]

  • Fi - "Don't call me Fi its Fi-Fi!"
  • When Link thinks about Zelda Shake That by Eminem feat. Nate Dogg plays in his head
  • Link refers to himself as the Gutair Hero even though he plays a harp

Theme Song/Other Songs[]

Theme Song - a special mix made by Emakentaz himself

Ninja Blender - a remix of Zombination's Kernkraft400

Moves Like Gherihim - a remix of Maroon5's Moves Like Jagger

Gherihim Style - a remix of Psy's Gangnam Style

Kill You Link - a remix of Daft Punk's Get Lucky