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SinKatt is a 27 year old college student majoring in English Lit and minoring in Creative Writing. She began abridging in late 2009 when she was offered the role of Sakura in CanadianJutsu's Naruto TAS and Shippuuden TAS series'. She is currently working on her own Maid-Sama Abridged, due to debut in January of 2011.

Abridged Roles[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

SinKatt originally started out voice acting in a fandub group by the name of AnimeAmericaPodcast, led by her childhood friend dimensioncr8r. However, she left the group in early 2009 when they began to focus on other projects not involving voice acting. She met and befriended HokageTitan on VoiceActingAlliance after playing the character of Ritsu in a K-On fandub. She was later introduced to other Abridgers in the community, though it would be nearly a year before she began to take on any roles.

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