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Shikaban3 Productions

Shikaban3 Productions, or just Shikaban3, is an amateur who is currently working on his very first abridged series, Darker Than Black the Abridged Series (or DTBA).

Shikaban3 joined the abridging community after having a chance meeting with LittleKuriboh and became influenced to have a go at an abridged series. Finding it to his liking, Shikaban3 picked up where a few have already attempted to try to make an abridged series out of Darker Than Black, and is now embarking on making a complete abridged series from the first season.

Shikaban3 is the main (and not to mention the only) driving force behind DTBA since he handles all aspects of it from writing the scripts, editing the video, and even performing as every single character himself.

Equipment used by Shikaban3 Productions for creating DTBA is a video camera for recording vocals and Adobe Premiere Elements 9.

Special note to be taken that whenever Shikaban3 refers to himself in the world of abridged series, he always refers to himself in what is to be known as the "plural sense." This is evident as he will refer to himself as "we," or "us."


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