Ethan Grant, aka "SheWantsTheEG", is an abridger from Iowa, USA. He is a voice actor, singer, director, writer, and audio editor of Axis Productions, and is a member alongside creators BassEcho and Maxim Dragoon. He is the lead writer and creator of the Only Smiles series My Teen Romantic Parody SNAFU. His first abridgement video he ever produced was a one-shot for Axis titled "One Piece One Shot: The Bigger Stick" in April 2018.

Ethan banner avi Final
Name Ethan Grant
Specializes in Writing, Voice Acting,

Audio Engineering

Age 21
Location Iowa, USA

Twitter @SheWantsTheEG


Voice RolesEdit

  • One Piece One Shot: The Bigger Stick By Axis Productions - Sengoku
  • Steins;Gate Abridged By The Exceed Squad - Daru (Episode 5 Onwards)
  • Psycho-Pass Abridged By The Exceed Squad - Kogami Shinya (Episode 4 Onwards)
  • Immigration Patrol Luluco By Joshua Toback - Nova


  • This doof has heterochromia.
  • Have you ever seen his arms? They're pretty nice.
  • Certified hugger.
  • He's probably human.
  • He once fucked up the template on the Abridged Series wiki. We fixed it.
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