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Shaman King: The Abridged Series
Created by ShamanStick
Run 27/01/2008 - 27/01/2010
Episodes 20
Parts Scriptor, Editor, Voice Actor
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Shaman King: The Abridged Series is created by Shamanstick but there are many other ones too! Do what I did, and watch the others too!


A trailer was released on January 24, announcing the arrival of another Shaman King Abridged. When on numerous occasions when hearing, "there's another Shaman King Abridged?", Shamanstick replies, "Yes. Many." The first episode seemed to go over quite well. With a lot of feedback, Shamanstick went into the production stages of making the second episode. Upon it's release, got a fair bit of good feedback even though Shamanstick wasn't very happy with the entire way it had come out. After this episode, Shamanstick had come out with a mini-series, based on how much fun you could make of the character Manta. It was 30 seconds and unscripted, then cancelled.
Starting at Episode 10 there was three new additions to Shaman King Abridged, Nowacking joined in for the newest role that was availible. Pilika. In Episode 11, Zeromaster filled in the role as Kalim and at Episode 12, FrickNinja joined the team as the shy Tamera. At this point the series was going quite strong.


The first nine episodes of SKTAS were all recorded with Microsoft Sound recorder, because Shamanstick had no other knowledge of programs at the time. Seeming that the crappy mic quality had not driven anyone away, at episode ten everything seemed to get a little more professional. The footage came from a better source, audacity had been used, ridding background noise and more voice actors had gotten involved to play extra characters. Now there has been another video quality boost, now that Shamanstick has realised how to make videos in Widescreen without going in HD that, and the videos have come from a new source yet again. Both these were shown in the re-edit of Episode 12 or as it's name dubs it, "Turtles".


1. Shaman King English Dub - Shaman King Opening Theme - Edited by Shamanstick
2. Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon - Edited by KaiKoshimoro
3. Pillar - Frontline - Edited by Shamanstick
4. Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon - Edited by Shamanstick


  • All of the main cast and some extras are voiced by ShamanStick.

Guest Voices[]

  • Zeromaster - Kalim, Young Mosuke (ep. 8,11,16), Ren (Movie)
  • Nowacking - Pilika (ep. 10)
  • XLight09x - Narrator (ep. 10)
  • FrickNinja - Tamera
  • Feai3n - Tamura (Movie)
  • Semisoma1 - HoroHoro (Movie)
  • MidnightDevont - Jun (Movie)
  • Toonlord - Amidamaru (Movie)
  • TaoJenChan (Movie) - Len's Mom (Movie), Iron Maiden Jeanne (ep. 16)
  • CanadianJutsu
  • CardboardLawyer
  • SamTheGreek
  • FlyingBandicoot
  • Other cameos listed at the end credits of Episode 17


Season One[]

During season one of Shaman King Abridged, most of the episodes have to do with either character introduction, explaining actually what the hell the Shaman Tournament really is, or... Friendship (>.>).... The plot does not move fast in this first season much to begin with and doesn't actually completely pick up into episode 13 (AKA Shaman King Abridged 9). To cap off the Season, Shamanstick collaborated with the cast of Shaman King Zero Abridged to create Shaman King: The Abridged Movie. It has earned good reviews which makes the Shaman King Abridger quite happy and has made him contemplate the creation of a movie to end off the second/final season aswell.
Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - The Beginning of Head Trips Jan 27, 2008
Episode 2 - The Society Returns! Feb 22, 2008
Episode 3 - Mr. Happy-Hair! Apr 19, 2008
Episode 4 - Something Bitchy This Way Comes May 1, 2008
Episode 5 - Corpse And The City May 25, 2008
Episode 6 - Corpse And The City II Aug 6, 2008
Episode 7 - Ice-Tarded Aug 8, 2008
Episode 8 - Take Me To Your Lizard Sep 18, 2008
Episode 9 - Referencing From Hell Oct 26, 2008
Episode 10 - The Att-W WTF!? Nov 28, 2008
Episode 11 - Heh heh. Dead People. Feb 11, 2009
Episode 12 - Turtles? Mar 9, 2009

Shaman King: The Abridged Movie[]

Not actually a real Shaman King Movie, the Shaman King Abridged Movie is follows the "Saving Ren Tao" arc in Shaman King. It contains a new cast to help Shamanstick voice roles. The cast includes Shamanstick, Semisoma1, MidnightDevont, Toonlord, TaoJenChan, Feai3n, and Zeromaster.
Episodes Air Date
Part 1 - The Loss of Britanese Jul 19, 2009
Part 2 - Pokemon Zombie Jul 27, 2009
Part 3 - The Thrilling Conclusion Aug 8, 2009

Season Two[]

Episodes Air Date
Episode 13 - The British Are Coming! Aug 13, 2009
Episode 14 - F*CKING USELESS ASS FILLER! Sep 7, 2009
Episode 15 - The Life and Times of Aquaman...

Oh Yeah, and There's a Black Guy There Too

Oct 30, 2009
Episode 16 - We're Almost Here Nov 29, 2009
Episode 17 [FINALE] - It's Over? Jan 27, 2010

Related Videos[]

Shaman King: The Abridged ProductionsIn between episodes, there was a lot of times when Shamanstick would not really feel like editing the actual episodes. When first hearing the song, "If You Were Gay" by Avenue Q, Shamanstick got some ideas to make Avenue Q AMVs. When realizing that these AMVs would be ridiculous so that he should just sync the singing voices to the lip movements of certain characters for each song. The first production was "If You Were Gay" featuring Yoh and Hao Asakura. The second, "The Internet is For Porn", featured many characters. The most recent one, "I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today", featured HoroHoro, seeing as he was the most likely to parade around without underwear.


Main Characters[]

Yoh Asakura - In the original series, Yoh Asakura is quite the laid back guy. He is not quick to anger and is generally calm. In Shamanstick's bastardized version of this series, this does not show up. He is usually irritated at something but also at the same time calm. Yoh seems to go through various mood swings in the series as the episodes progress.
Manta Oyamada - In the original anime, Manta is portrayed the same way he is in the Abridged Series. Just slightly less wimpy. In this series, Manta cannot seem to do anything right without the help of someone else. Practically, he is the general useless character of the series.
Anna Kyoyama - Bossy. Controlling. Quite the bondage freak. These are just three things to describe the horrid personality of Anna in Shaman King Abridged. This Itako Shaman does nothing but bitch and moan about how Yoh and the gang cannot get more powerful. Only to the gang actually. To Yoh, she is usually torturing him with random Bondage treatments.
Ren Tao - Chinese? British? What the hell is this guy? That's one thing to ask. The main point to Ren's Abridged character is just exactly what country he is actually from. His Chinese history leads to him from being of this country but his British accent says different. Ren is a boy who is probably one annoying act away from an early heart attack.
"Wooden Sword" Ryu - If there is one guy who can be hispanic, Elvis, AND a pedophile all at the same time, it has to be Ryu. He cannot seem to stop fawning over Yoh and it is not fully explained why his hatred suddenly turned into admiration. Why? Cause Shamanstick was a lazy ass and didn't actually go into detail on it.
HoroHoro - This kid is probably the stereotype to Canadians and Surfers everywhere. His deep voice and yelling DUDE describe that he may be a surfer. He does snowboard a lot, so this would make it seem like the obvious thing although the obvious joke to make is that he's Canadian. Shamanstick stood away from this joke but somehow, it still wriggled it's way in...
Lyserg Diethel - This British kid is strange. First, he flashes people to introduce himself. Second, he's angsty and is like a green-haired version of Sasuke. Third, HIS NAME IS A DRUG REFERENCE! With all three of those reasons, Takei and Shaman probably both said, "Okay shut up will put him in!"
Hao Asakura - The main baddie in Shaman King. This guy is a complete douche. Basically, he's been shut out of the series until Season 2 and even at the start he has barely gotten a single bit of screen time. He, is, pissed.
Silva - Shaman officials show dignity and grace. Silva, shows nothing but regret that he is even a part of the Shaman Council. Being an Asakura protector is a big job but somehow, he has found a way to cope. Mainly, the way he copes is called Budwiser. Or Jack Daniels.

Side Characters[]

Pilika (Voiced by Nowacking) - Pilika, HoroHoro's sister, is quite the ambiguous one. Upon going into Japan, she immeadiately went back to her career. Light prostitution. Her policy on refunds do not include a full cash refund if you contract a bad STD. Although, her "Family Discount" gets quite a bit of popularity. Especially with HoroHoro. (You can all head to the can now to barf.)
Tamera (Voiced by FrickNinja and Feai3n) - Who would have thought the good girls could get so bad? Tamera hangs around the house hold of the Asakuras, only after she tracked Yoh down for bad child support cheques in Episode 12 was she extremely happy as her "husband" was finally paying some attention to her. Anna is still plotting the best way to kill her.
Kalim (Voiced by Zeromaster) - Some people think that Canadians say eh all the time and that people of heritage do not. Kalim just contradicted all of it. This Newfoundlander has done nothing but break the solmn code of Canadians. Going to Japan and saying everything on your mind.
Billy (Voiced by CanadianJutsu) - This character, is the most damn epic character in the show. Acting as a taxi service will give you two things in a series. A gun, and serious mad props. He's got both. Not to mention he's southern.