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Shadowfoxx85 is an Abridger, perhaps best-known for his Familiar of Zero Abridged series.


When he was 17, he started working on his first editing projects in the form of anime music videos, due to the influence of one of his friends back in High School. It was a rough start due to working with Windows Movie Maker, but the lack of effects pushed him to concentrate more on using tight lyric and beat-syncing techniques. For five years, he's been working with WMM and been editing anime music videos on an irregular basis due to college. However, it is because of this hobby that he kept editing for such a long time.


  • Familiar of Zero Abridged - Director, Writer, Voices: Mr. Colbert
  • Nadesico The Parody Series - Director, Co-writer with LordQuadros and CountAbyss, Voices: Random Dude, Extras
  • Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner Abridged - Co-Director and Writer with LordQuadros, Voices: Leo
  • Clannad The Abridged Series - Co-Director and Writer with Warmhearted19, Voices: Tomoya