Sgt. Frog: The Other Abridged Series: Episode 3
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 09/25/11
Length 10:58
Created by Bokegaeru Productions
Written by TheSmashBro
Sgt. Eagle
Hyper Crazy
Mixed by TheSmashBro
Link YouTube
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Episode 3 of Sgt. Frog: The Other Abridged Series is the Spring Break episode as well as the introduction of Paul Moriyama.

Cast (In Order of Appearence)[edit | edit source]

  • Keroro- TheSmashBro
  • Fuyuki- TheSmashBro
  • Momoka- Narusasu
  • Natsumi- ShadowKitten
  • Aki- ShadowKitten
  • Giroro- TheSmashBro
  • Tamama- Sgt. Eagle
  • Paul- Chayification
  • Paul's Mustache- TheSmashBro
  • Omiyo- DezzJew69

Creator's Note[edit | edit source]

This episode was delayed soley due to the editor's lazyness. He assures all fans that this will never happen again.

Joke Explanations[edit | edit source]

  • Fuyuki's ringtone is the song Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. This is here for two reasons
    • TheSmashBro is a huge fan of Ozzy Osbourne.
    • Fuyuki is well aware of the fact that Momoka is crazy, so setting that to play when she called seemed appropriate.
  • "So....Charlie Sheen?" used to be TheSmashBro's "perfect conversation starter." It is also somewhat of a subtle reference to Jon Lajoie's flash short series "Punched In."
  • Paul saying "What'ho, masters and mistresses" is a reference to Chayification, the voice of Paul. At the beginning of most of his game commentary videos, he would say "What'ho..." usually followed by an insult of some sort.
  • Natsumi continues to show traits of an adrenaline junkie.
    • Something apparently happened with a muffler, which is why she shouldn't concentrate too hard on one thing.
    • She wanted to punch a shark because it would be fun.
  • Omiyo was originally going to be The Box Ghost from the Nickelodeon show Danny Phantom. This was changed when DezzJew69 sent in his lines for Episode 2 and his voice sounded more like Kermit the Frog.
  • Rabid Lemons was used after TheSmashBro asked a deviantART chat for the name of a rabid animal on an island that could ruin a dinner. The person who said lemon wasn't actually making a suggestion, but Smash found it funny and ended up using it.
  • "He was the turkey all along" is a reference to Invader Zim.
  • Omiyo recites the chorus to the Jimmy Buffett song "Vampires, Mummies, and the Holy Ghost"
  • Steve Whitmire is the current voice for Kermit the Frog

Reception[edit | edit source]

Many considered this an overall great episode, but others thought the first half was good, but it dwindled down in the latter portion. The team considers this the weakest SF:TOAS episode as of yet. As of November 5, 2011, the episode has 12 likes and 1 dislike.

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