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Sgt. Frog: The Other Abridged Series: Episode 2
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 05/19/2011
Length 8:49
Created by Bokegaeru Productions
Written by TheSmashBro, Sgt. Eagle
Mixed by TheSmashBro
Link YouTube
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Episode 2 of Sgt. Frog: The Other Abridged Series is entitled "Shenanigans with Three New Characters" and is the introduction of Tamama, Momoka, and Giroro.

Cast (In order of appearence)[]

  • Narrator- TheSmashBro
  • Momoka- Narusasu
  • Tamama- Sgt. Eagle
  • Fuyuki- TheSmashBro
  • Keroro- TheSmashBro
  • Natsumi- ShadowKitten
  • Giroro- TheSmashBro

Other Characters[]

  • Omiyo- DezzJew69 (uncredited, background)


This episode is very notable for being delayed due to issues with voice acting, especially with Natsumi. The role of Natsumi was originally played by SuperNerdMDizzle. She was let go from the team due to inability to stay in contact. The role was then given to AnimeSongWriter after an impressive audition. She was eventually let go as well for the same reason as SuperNerd. ShadowKitten91 was then hired to do Natsumi, and her lines were recorded on May 11th, putting an end to the long search for a new voice actress.

On May 1st, 2011, TheSmashBro's laptop was sent in to be repaired, leaving him unable to use Sony Vegas or Skype, which hindered him from advancing the episode's progression in any way, putting the episode on it's first full-on hiatus. The computer was returned to him on May 3rd, only 2 days later.

After everything was set and done, the episode was finally released on May 19th.

TheSmashBro finds it ironic that all three of the competent Sgt. Frog Abridges' second episodes were delayed. The Midnight Frogs' Sgt Frog Abridged: Episode 2R was infamously delayed for five months due to issues finding someone to play the character Momoka. AbridgeShion's Keroro Abridged Episode 1 (which is technically their second episode due to the release of an episode 0) was delayed due to issues with the editor's computer.

Joke Explanations[]

  • The narrator saying that he thought not having a love interest was against the law is referring to the fact that almost every major character has a legit love interest.
  • Omiyo, while very quiet, is talking in the background when she is in a scene. She is played by DezzJew69.
    • When Keroro is looking up Sonic the Hedgehog on his computer, she says "I am being important," followed by, "Daw that little frog thing is ignoring me. I am sad now"
    • As Keroro is running out, she says, "I am still pretty important."
    • While Keroro is asking if Giroro has any plans on how to take over the house, Omiyo says, "The back of my head is important."
  • Momoka's only purpose on Sgt. Frog does appear to be a love interest of Fuyuki's, as every episode she stars in completely revolves around him.
  • Fuyuki didn't appear to know who Momoka was prior to the first scene they shared, which implies that Momoka has been stalking him for years without him even knowing she exists.
  • "That one deer from Castle Crashers" is a certain deer that is famous for propelling itself using its own feces in the video game "Castle Crashers."
  • Keroro pretending to be a tree is a reference to "Let's Destroy the Shagohod" a fan comic based on the game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. In this scene, Snake attempts to disguise himself as a tree to hide from a sniper. He repeats "I'm a tree" very quickly throughout. He is interrupted by the sniper as he says, "You try and hide? I shoot you in the face."
  • The name "Hotcakes from Heaven Attack" was actually thought up by co-writer Sgt. Eagle's mother when trying to find out a pancake related attack name
  • TheSmashBro continues to put his own opinions into the script saying that Jamie Hyneman would make a great movie villain.
  • Giroro shows traits of being pure evil
    • Apparently, every time you say his name, a dead puppy is brought back to life, just to be killed again somehow.
    • He appears to enjoy randomly scaring people.
    • He enjoys tying people up only to imagine them preparing to be thrown into a furnace or being strangled by a boa constrictor.
    • He made his tent out of cat meat and fur.
  • "Taste Explosion" is a reference to one of TheSmashBro's videos on his main account. It depicts him playing Call of Duty 4 with a sped up voice, and every time he'd throw a grenade, he's say, "Taste Explosion"
  • TheSmashBro has not actually seen Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but due to it's relatively negative reception as well as Smash's general dislike of the Indiana Jones films, he assumes he would not enjoy it.
  • Fuyuki continues to show an attraction towards Natsumi using the laundry as an excuse to sniff her sheets.


The episode was almost unanimously noted by fans as being a drastic improvement over the first episode. As of November 5, 2011, the episode has 22 likes and 0 dislikes.

This episode was also given an honorable mention in the AGPX Underrated Abridgers Contest.