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The Diamond Dust Rebellion/Revolution
Created by Semisoma1 and Midnight Devont
Episodes 8

A spin-off of Bleach Soma Abridged.


Yami, a roge Soul Reaper, attacks and steals a peice of the Mullenium Puzzle from a transport. With the help of Blue and Red, he manages to place the blame on Toshiro Hitsugaya and force him to flee from Soul Society, as well as instinctivly from Ichigo Kurosaki. Trying to prove his innocence, Ichigo and friends attempt to find him. As Yami tries to cast Soul Society into the Shadow Realm, all sides are forced to band together to put a stop to Yami once and for all. This dimension also causes the appearance of cameos from other abridged series by Semisoma1, who appear and help in the battle.

Gimmicks in the Movie[]

Several gimmicks last through the entire movie. One being Toshiro Hitsugaya suddenly thinking he is a jedi, due to a cloak he puts on that resembles Ichigo Kurosaki's Cloak of Flying. His Captains hyori is also focoused on, due to characters trying to sell it. The next major gimmick is the obnoxious overuse of references to drive Yami's character home; he's a combination of all references from everything. Other gimmicks include Matsumoto suddenly being noticed as a woman(since Toshiro apparantly "drowned out" her presence by being cool), the use of the Dragon Balls to call on Shenron(Hitsugaya and Yami's sword spirit), and Hitsugaya's use of an Auto-Life Ring to prevent dieing several times.

Characters in the Movie[]

Several movie-only characters appear in this film(obviously). The three prominent ones are Yami, Blue and Red.


Yami(Originally Kusaka), was a Soul Reaper named Yugi who used the Dragon Balls to wish for a toothpick from Shenron. Being an ass, Shenron gave him a copy of Hitsugaya's Zanpakuto, Masamune. Due to this, he was excecuted by Soul Society, at the hands of Hitsugaya(a punishment for showing Yami where the Dragon Balls were). After being revived inexplicably he became Yami(to show his transformation), and became a cluster***k of references and abilities from other shows, series, and media. His Zanpakuto, Masamune, allows him to act as the second "One Winged Angel" Soul Reaper, even though his uses a remix of One-Winged Angel called "Sector Seven Hath Wraught the Angel". He seeks to use the Mullenium Puzzle peice(actually a glorified toothpick) to envelop Soul Society in the Shadow Realm and destroy it to prove that he and all cosplays are equal to the originals that they copy. He was eventually killed by Toshiro Hitsugaya, aided by Shenron, when his wish was retracted. He died quoting that " Heindsight can be a royal bitch sometimes".


Red is one of two characters serving Yami. Her character wasn't explained very deeply. As it is with both Red and Blue, she referes to herself as a member of the Sailor Scouts, makes copious amounts of references, and eventually becomes a Hollow. She is very overjoyed by her hollow transformation, quoting "Now I'm a Nobody, from KINGDOM HEARTS!". She appears to be the shorter fused of the two, but possibly more quick witted. She and Blue have no outwardly expressed dislike for any characters, unlike most abridged characters. She is distracted during the final fight by Yoruichi and Soifon, who kill her effectivly. Unfourtunately, she regenerates and remains until the Shadow Realm is destroyed, and she is banished with it. Before this, though, she is preoccupied with Kenpachi's assault on the castle. She acts as Jessy, when she and blue quote the Team Rocket speeche.


Blue is one of two characters serving Yami. Her character wasn't explained very deeply. As with both Red and Blue, she refers to herself as a member of the Sailor Scouts, makes references, etc, etc. She is, notable, a post-operation transvestite with a deep voice that mimics James from Poke'mon(the original James). She seems to feel no real like for fighting, and is somewhat easily upset, even by simple things like mistaking Toshiro for the main character, rather than Ichigo. In the final battle, after becoming a Hollow, she is first distracted by Ikkaku, Yamichika, Matsumoto and Hitsugaya. She is interupted by Kenpachi's return, and while not being hit by it, is freightened by his attack on the castle. He confirms that he and Red are "Team Yami", just before they are both banished with the Shadow Realm when Yami is defeated.

Final Battle Cameos[]

Multipule cameos come to help the team fight in the second-last section of the movie, from various abridged series by Semisoma1. They include:

  • Veemon/Flamedramon and Imperialdramon from Digimon Season 02 Abridged(One-shot)
  • Crim, Skeith and B.T. from .Hack//Here's your SIGN
  • Haseo from .Hack//G.U. Abridged
  • Kaze from Final Fantasy: Unlimited Abridged
  • Omegamon from Digimon The Abridged Movie 2
  • Dante, from DMC 4, despite never being in anything Semisoma1 abridged.


Songs that weren't from the Bleach O.S.T.s that were used are:

  • Team Rocket Theme(instrumental) -Poke'mon
  • ThunderStruck - ACDC
  • Holy Battle - Hitman Reborn
  • Daily Living - Hitman Reborn
  • Sector Seven Hath Wrought the Angel - Remix
  • Dare to be Stupid - Weird Al
  • Vanguard Bandits Opening theme - Vanguard Bandits
  • Liminality 2 - .Hack//Liminality
  • Liminality 3 - .Hack//Liminality
  • Byakuya True Light(instrumental) - DN Angel
  • Full Frontal Assault - FFVII Boss Battle Remix
  • Simple and Clean(japanese) - Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Ready to Die - Andrew W.K. (Kenpachi's theme)
  • Jaw's Theme - Jaws
  • Psyhco - Psyhco
  • Hikari No Rock - Sabomaster
  • Koyoi, Tsuki Ga Miezu tomo - Porno Graffiti
  • Phenomenon - Thousand Foot Crutch
  • Uranus, the Magician - Gustav Holst, Levine
  • Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Ashley


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