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Selector Infected Abridged - Episode 1

Episode 1

Selector Infected Abridged is a parody of the 2014 anime "Selector Infected Wixoss" and "Selector Spread Wixoss". The anime revolves around girls playing Card Games in order to make a wish and become an "Eternal Girl". The series is written and edited by YoshinoVA.

Official Cast[]

Lin as Ruko Kominato

Kimiko Natsumi as Tama

Loomeh Naughty as Ayumu Kominato

YoshinoVA as Yuzuki Kurebayashi, Kazuki KUrebayashi, Grandma Hatsu, and Hanako. 

ManicWednesdaysVA as Hitoe Uemura

Natalie Breen as Aoi Akira

ShadowMistress21 as Ulith

Alifluro as Iona Urasoe

Episode Listings[]

Episode Number Episode Title Date aired
1 "Card Games for Females October 25th, 2014
2 "Killy Killy Jokes on You" February 6th, 2015


  • Oreimo was originally going to fill the role of Ayumu Kominato.