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This article is about the abridger known as Sehanort, also known as "CaptSehanort".


A parody fandubber who appeared into the fandubbing world around July 2007. Inspired by the fandubbers that came before the Abridged series craze, though he became greatly influenced by the Abridged works. Best known for his Bleach Parodies, Bleachers.(Note recentally Sehanort has been tagged on YouTube, his back up account is "CapnSehanort" for the time being).


Bleachers: Shihakusho Series is a Bleach parody Series which focuses on the Soul Society Captains and Lieutenants of the 13 Court Guard Squads.Heavily inspired by the second season of Bleach and the Soul Society Arc as a whole, the first half of this parody series is loosely based on that arc in which Ichigo and his friends first enter the Soul Society and the Captains constantly see them as annoying tourists and must be dealt with. Each episode's plot mostly focuses on a character (example: Enter Kenpachi) and serves as a certain parody of that particular character. The term Shihakusho is the uniforms that all Soul Reapers (Shinigami) wear within the Soul Society. Another series he created is called Bleachers: Hollow Bash and consists mainly of the stories of the arrancarand espada. (example: The white spring frenzy, Luppi's comeback.) They are mostly about them having parties and "battling." There is one in particular that has a variety of other anime chracters, such as Komui from D. Grayman. Arrancar commercial is a fake advertisement of what life would be like if you really were an arrancar. Throughout the whole Bleach parody series, Sehanort had mostly done all the voices of the characters, including female ones. Another parody that was made is called Soul Society spoof which is similar to the Shihakusho series. The only videos that do not have Sehanort's voice is Soul society spoof: Star Wars parody and Soul Society spoof: LOTR (Lord of the Rings) parody.

Geass Twist is a Code Geass Parody series in which the plot is completely altered and takes a completely different setting, even though the locations and names stay the same. It focuses on Lelouch, who is portrayed within this series as a spoiled wannabe gangster who was told about the Neo Holy Grail (an item in which is used to pick at the fact that there were many references to King Arthur and his knights) which would give the one who finds it power and grant them any wish. In order for Lelouch to leave him alone, The Emperor Charles told him of this tale and that it would be in Japan. Word got out and eventually more people searched only to find out that it was made up. Lelouch was then stuck in Japan with his sister Nunnally but it never stopped his pursuit of power and became determined to rule the world while combining his childhood dream, becoming a super hero. The rest of the Brittanian Family are quite similar to Lelouch in their dedication in reaching their own goals. The title Geass Twist was to depict that since the plot has been changed dramatically from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, plot holes would arrive and would result in characters who are still alive when they should be dead or vice versa (example: Clovis is still alive simply because there was no scene in any Geass Twist episode where he gets killed).

Series of Phases are a series of one-shot parodies written, edited and voiced by Sehanort. A one shot of Godannar was first made to put in a contest hosted by an another abridger and a few other other one shots were made after that.

Digimon: Campers Guide (Digimon abridged) is an abridged series of Digimon Adventure

Yu-Gi-Verse! is a collection of parodies and other things related to the Trading card Game and show Yu-Gi-Oh! including the spinoffs of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds. First came with several negative comments from LittleKuriboh Fans, the series was first planned to be parodies of each of the Yu-Gi-Oh! shows and was not intended to be better than LittleKuriboh in any way.[1]


  • One of his earliest appearances in terms of his username dates back to a Naruto Abridged comment special.