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Steve (Allanon)

Tegu (carboardlawyer)

Faye (Feia3n)

Magic Yes
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Law of Ueki Abridged

Kiki's Delivery Service Abridged

Gunsmith Cats Abridged

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Scooney Squad 7 is a group of various abridgers that have worked on projects involving The Law of Ueki, Kiki's Delivery Service and Gunsmith Cats... They may do other things...

But what is the Scooney Squad 7 exactly? Well the legend has it, that many last summer ago, one night or day of Skype time talking, about 4 who wanted to abridge decided to abridge Cowboy Bebop.

Unfortunately that project never quite came to fruition, and instead died in the form of script. But instead we pushed forward, never looking back at the mistakes of the past! And so, what have we now? Well now the account is the home of one Steve, and another Andrew, who use it in the production of Law of Ueki Abridged!
However things have not entirely changed! Scooney Squad 7 is a group and a team, maybe even a squad. And so, the account remains open to any member who wants to upload an abridged/parody project.

The Members[]

Steve (xxAllanonxx): One of the founding members of SS7, Steve does most of the channel work. He also runs the blog, co-writes and edits Ueki and Kiki's, voices in most projects and manages to keep his fighting spirit despite suffering from several completely curable diseases. He also loves Batman and puts on tights just to play the part of his favorite hero.

Andrew (Gnitmonger): One of the founding members SS7, Andrew likes to bug Steve about editing projects. He also co-writes for both Ueki, Gunsmith Cats and Ueki. He would like to point out that he is the only one to voice in every SS7 project (he's pretty much an asshole). Andrew can be reached in the upstairs cabinet where he spends much of his days anguishing over the acting choices of Nicholas Cage.

Tegu (Cardboardlawyer): Best known for his Phoenix Wright Abridged Series, Tegu has decided to give up his life of sin and villainy to pirate the high seas with SS7. He co-writes and edits Gunsmith Cats, co-write Kiki's, and has some small roles in Ueki. Oh yeah, go watch his series, it's all like good and stuff.

Faye (Feai3n): Known best for her role in Familiar of Zero Abridged, Faye has a penchant for voicing main characters in both Gunsmith Cats and Kiki's. She struggles daily to live up to the impossible standards that Andrew sets for her. Hug her if you must.


The Law of Ueki Abridged: Main project at this time, 3 episodes have been released so far. Some have called it the greatest thing in their entire life (some are complete liars).

Kiki's Delivery Service The Abridged Movie: First SS7 major movie project, it had many voices with much video thrown in for good measure... It went away for a while, but like the Jesus Christ man it will rise from the dead in the year 2043 and enslave humanity with an iron deep fried grip.

Gunsmith Cats Abridged: Originally done as a oneshot between Tegu and Andrew for hbi2k's speed abridging contest, they decided to finish it as it is a 3 episode show. It has many life lessons which will be taught to you in the form of being shot with a gun.

Common Themes[]

Scooney Squad7 enjoys liberal application of tasteless humor which may or may not solely apply to them. They try and steer clear of references to other abridged series, but do enjoy the occasional slightly obscure reference.

In the Law of Ueki Abridged there are multiple references to Kobasen's obsession with "Ueki's Justice" as well as numerous jokes about translation errors or poor writing from the original show.


Some people like it...

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