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First Run - 08/01/2010 - 04/01/2011.

Second Run - 02/01/2016 - Present.

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This article is about School Days Abridged, also known as School Days TAS, created by VegetaSasuke0 (with partial assistance by Kikyo228). This series is known for being the longest running School Days abridged series, & has gotten the farthest out of any other School Days abridged series or parody.


This series is not the first School Days abridged series, but it is the longest running of it's type. This series all started because of Kikyo's obsession with School Days, & VegetaSasuke0 enjoying the drama in it all, as well as wanting to make a tragic comedy, along with how he could relate to it, though that is also what destroyed their relationship, along with the original run of the series. VegetaSasuke0 claimed to have put in the most effort for this series, as apposed to any other series he has done, other than his other project "Gantz Sagas", in which he explained that he actually wrote up character designs for this series. On April first of 2011, VegetaSasuke0 announced that the series had been canceled.

After the series was canceled, VegetaSasuke0 slowly started to explain why by saying "I felt pressured to keep releasing episodes, & to me the content started to get more stale, like how many times can you keep calling Sekai a slut or a whore? It just started to repeat itself, kinda like the actual series does". He also felt that not only was he abridging the anime, but the game(s) as well, that explains why the series feels like it is dragging a bit, because he is trying to abridge both by adding in as much content, while taking out just as much, he felt like it was a weird hybrid. VegetaSasuke0 originally wanted this series to have a ghetto tone or feel to it (hence why he made Kokoro a black ghetto stereotype, though making her transgendered was an accident).

In recent years, VegetaSasuke0 had expressed interest in bringing the series back in some form, because he explained that he treated the series as if it were his baby, going out of his way to say that it is the first project that he had done correctly, despite finding some of the jokes in the older episodes to be a bit cringe worthy.

On February 1st, 2016, VegetaSasuke0 returned with a new cast, releasing episode 7 of School Days Abridged, with more episodes on the way. On July 8th, 2016, episode 8 of School Days Abridged was released on The Sagas Council website due to AnimeParodiesInc's Youtube account being suspended for the 2nd time in it's history. He felt that it was the right time to release new episodes, mainly because he felt that he was finally able to expand on the characters, as he had finally grasped how to develop his characters properly by giving the series time to sit, he also felt that he could expand his retelling of the story a bit better. On July 22nd, 2017, an alternate edit of episode 8 of School Days Abridged made its way onto Youtube, the episode contains an alternate edited scene towards the end of the episode containing Makoto & Setsuna. The alternate edit was released to the public in hopes of holding people over long enough for the rest of the series to be released when the time is right, as lines & scripts were still being worked on. VegetaSasuke0 has stated that he hopes the series can end with 10 episodes even, with maybe the Valentines OVA as a special, but nothing has been confirmed. He has also hinted that he is against the idea of abridging the Magical Heart Kokoro OVA because of how insane it would be to voice & edit.


The series is obviously to shorten the original school days, with a lot of the original elements, plus something new. Makoto Itou is just a young, & horny teenager who happens to one day find the love of his life by simply riding the train to school, her name is Kotonoha Katsura. Once he gets settled in at school, he befriends the girl sitting next to him named Sekai Saionji, who eventually ends up setting him up with the girl he likes (Kotonoha). Throughout the series, Makoto will make many mistakes, & will realize that he is in way over his head. As of episode 8, Makoto is known for raping sekai, for cheating on his girlfriend Kotonoha, & taking fruit roll ups, as well as sex as a bribe, but to him things can't just stop there.


School Days The Abridged Series was edited in Sony Vegas (now known as MAGIX Vegas) on a laptop for the first 6 episodes, while voice recordings were recorded with Audacity while using laptop microphones, as well as headset microphones for the first 6 episodes. For Episode 7 onward VegetaSasuke0 used a Blue Yeti microphone to record, while continuing to edit in Vegas, the only difference is that the computer was upgraded from a laptop to a PC Desktop.

Recurring Jokes, Themes, & Character Outlines[]

This series has a lot of recurring themes & jokes. One of the main themes is drama of course, much like the original, but also making Makoto Itou a bit more of an idiot (a dangerous idiot at that, believed to own a gun due to a quote by him saying "For a minute there I thought I had to shoot a b*tch"), another reference in the series is when Makoto calls himself "big sexy" which is an indirect reference to professional wrestler Kevin Nash. Sekai Saionji has a tendency to say things like "OMG, & LOL" (an attempt to originally make her ghetto or more like a valley girl), there is also a tendency to point out Sekai's "slutty" body poses. While Kotonoha Katsura mostly stays the same innocent girl that she was in the original anime, she also has a little more of a ghetto twist to her, the writers tried to avoid focusing on her as the main focus because they didn't want to change her character too much. Kokoro Katsura's redesign was to make her a transgendered rapper, & Taisuke Sawanaga's first name is made so people don't know how to properly pronounce it, while his character is meant to be somewhat of a clown, or just some sad comic relief. Otome Katou is meant to be southern, while her backstory was never clear regardless of the abridged series or the original source material (other than being a middle school classmate to Makoto), it was made so that she had daddy issues, or at least hinting that her father raped her for an odd number of years. Hikari Kuroda is meant to be a preppy Sailor Moon ripoff due to her hairstyle. One of the themes of this series is epic forshadowing. The abridged openings are different each time to keep with the freshness of the abridged series. VegetaSasuke0 has stated that his specific style of writing this kind of series is to use all the elements of the original series & attempt to make it a bit more comedic with little help of memes or references.


  • VegetaSasuke0- Makoto Itou, Taisuke Sawanaga, Kokoro Katsura [Episode 7 onward], Teacher, & Extra's.
  • Kikyo228- Kotonoha Katsura, Sekai Saionji, Kokoro Katsura, & Setsuna Kiyoura [Episodes 1 - 6].
  • Glaringshare (HeavenStare) - Kotonoha Katsura, Setsuna Kiyoura, Hikari Kuroda, & Nanami Kanroji [all from Episode 7 onward].
  • CeeCee02 (CeeCeeVA) - Sekai Saionji [Episode 7 onward].
  • SilentJo - Otome Katou.
  • Nitemaric - Person in Maya costume handing out flyers [Episode 4].
  • SoulReaperHikuru - Script Supervisor, & Narrator.


Here is the list of characters in the series (please note that this list of characters with designs only shows the characters that only have speaking roles).

Character Name Character Picture Character Description Appearance
Makoto Itou
Makoto Itou Character Profile Picture
The two (VS0 & Kikyo) had wanted Makoto to be a sexual deviant like the original character, but also a complete idiot (a dangerous idiot at that, believed to own a gun due to a quote by him saying "For a minute there I thought I had to shoot a b*tch"). Episode 01
Taisuke Sawanaga
Taisuke Sawanaga Character Profile Picture
Taisuke is just a sex crazed,& screen time loving character. The joke for his character is that nobody knows how to pronounce his name, in episode 7 he is marked as a rapist due to raping Kotonoha Katsura. His character is meant to be somewhat of a clown, or just some sad comic relief. Episode 01
Kotonoha Katsura
Kotonoha Katsura Character Profile Picture
Kotonoha is supposed to be like the original character from the source material, but a little less shy, more bitchy & demanding. Episode 01
Sekai Saionji
Sekai Saionji Character Profile Picture
Sekai is supposed to be the slut of the series, but will unfold as the series progresses. Her noticeable traits include saying things such as "Like OMG, & LOL" (an attempt to originally make her ghetto or more like a valley girl). Episode 01
Kokoro Katsura
Kokoro Katsura Character Profile Picture
Kokoro Katsura is supposed to be a man (or a transgendered), as well as a black rapper. Kokoro is the relative of Kotonoha Katsura. It was implied that Makoto had sex with Kokoro at some point in time. Episode 02
Itaru Itou
Itaru Itou Character Profile Picture
Itaru is the younger sister of main character Makoto Itou. Itaru lives with her father & is sexually abused by him, she travels to see her brother to relieve the stress of living in such environment. Her role to the story is very small. TBA
Setsuna Kiyoura
Setsuna Kiyoura Character Profile Picture
Setsuna was supposed to be the annoying squeaky character, but the character was re-designed to be like the original, but with some emo-ish vibes to her, & mostly tried to be written out of the series.She also wants to to be married to Makoto so she can become a main character. She is known for being Sekai's best friend. Sestuna at some point in time bribed Makoto with sex & fruit roll ups in order to stay with Sekai. Episode 04
Hikari Kuroda
Hikari Kuroda Character Profile Picture
Hikari is supposed to have a preppy rich girl attitude,thinking she can do whatever she wants. She is bossy, energetic, & tries to do whatever she pleases. The original idea is for her to be a Sailor Moon knockoff because of the way her design looks. Hikari had a crush on Taisuke, but found a sudden interest in Makoto. Episode 07
Otome Katou
Otome Katou Character Profile Picture
Otome is a girl with daddy issues (hinting that her father may or may not have raped her at some point in time) & was raised with a southern accent, allegedly a transgender, but nothing has been really proven. Otome was always in the shadows, watching Makoto, but never really making a move on him until he suddenly became popular. Episode 07
Nanami Kanroji
Nanami Kanroji Character Profile Picture
Nanami is just an innocent character who gets forced into the story & was humiliated by all the other girls because she was caught on camera giving her boyfriend oral sex during the school festival. Episode 08
Youko Saionji
Youko Saionji Character Profile Picture
Youko Saionji (or simply known as Sekai's mom) is much like her daughter Sekai. Although she is very cute & loving, she also has a dark side to her (she has made hints that she may or may not have killed her previous husband). TBA
Mai Kiyoura
Mai Kiyoura Character Profile Picture
Mai Kiyoura is the mother of Setsuna. Her role in the series is mainly to establish the fact that if anything were to happen to Setsuna, that she would not be a happy woman. She also wants to make sure that her daughter's sexual desires are fulfilled. TBA
Unnamed Male Teacher
School Days Teacher Character Profile Picture
A very rough character that loves to just yell at his students, originally based off of abridger FlameAlchemist35. This character's name was never given out or said throughout the series. Episode 01
Person In Maya Costume
Maya Character Profile Picture
Only appearing in episode 4, this person handed out flyers for phones that were on sale. Not really adding anything to the main story, this character was however very pushy. Episode 04

Episode List & Other Information[]


Thumbnail Episode Episode Description Original Air Date
School Days TAS Episode 1 Thumbnail
Episode 01 - The Dramatic Story Begins A lonely highschooler finds the love of his life, question is, will he be able to "woo" her? Aug 13, 2010
School Days TAS Episode 2 Thumbnail
Episode 02 - The First Kiss & The Annoying Black Sister After some complications, Makoto goes to meet Kotonoha's family, only to find an unexpected surprise in her little sister. Oct 03, 2010
School Days TAS Episode 3 Thumbnail
Episode 03 - Interference & Confusion Makoto asks Sekai for some unexpected help which leads to some regretful actions. Nov 14, 2010
School Days TAS Episode 4 Thumbnail
Episode 04 - Getting Caught Part 1 (The Drama Begins) Makoto gets caught doing what he isn't supposed to be doing. Nov 18, 2010
School Days TAS Episode 5 Thumbnail
Episode 05 - Getting Caught Part 2 (Kotonoha's Denial) Kotonoha denies the incident she has seen with her own eyes, while Makoto may be enjoying his time with Sekai a bit too much. Jan 15, 2011
School Days TAS Episode 6 Thumbnail
Episode 06 - The Aftermath & Pre - Festival Love Setting up for the festival is under way, while Setsuna has her own agenda when it comes to Makoto. Jan 24, 2011
School Days TAS Episode 7 Thumbnail
Episode 07 - Don't Stop...Believing? Makoto gets too busy during the festival. Feb 01, 2016
School Days TAS Episode 8 Thumbnail
Episode 08 - Promise Setsuna advises Makoto to look after Sekai, & Kotonoha is finally broken up with. Jul 08, 2016
School Days TAS Episode 8 Alternate Thumbnail
Episode 08 - Promise (Alternate Edit) Setsuna advises Makoto to look after Sekai, & Kotonoha is finally broken up with. (This episode contains alternate edited scenes that add nothing to the story) Jul 22, 2017
Episode 09 - TBA
Episode 10 - The Dramatic Story Concludes The end? TBA


School Days, School Days HQ, Summer Days, Shiny Days, Island Days, Cross Days, & Strip Battle Days are owned by TNK with joint production by Avex Entertainment, Lantis, Marvelous Entertainment, Pony Canyon & Jinnan Studio, while being licensed by Discotek Media. School Days (the anime & games) were written & developed by Overflow, also directed by Keitaro Motonaga. This is a non-profit fan based parody. Please support the Official Release.


  • Originally the only episode that was typed up was episode 1, while all episodes up until episode 6 were written on paper (which is a common case for VegetaSasuke0), the finalized versions of the episodes 7 & 8 scripts were some of the first to have been a mixture in terms of how they were written.
  • VegetaSasuke0 states that the one thing that he wished he could have done better with was the character of Setsuna, because after a long time of letting his series sit, as well as looking back at the visual novels (mainly Summer Days/Shiny Days), he had really let the character of Setsuna grow on him & it was a shame that there wasn't more done with the character.

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