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Voice Acting Alliance Username: Jai Lees

Skype: Jai Lees or ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4

ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 (Jai Lees)[]

ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 was introduced to the anime world by his very close personal friend endeverafter4237 (also an abridger), endeverafter showed him various old anime aswell as Hellsing and Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. He like most others fell in love with it and now calls himself "a fellow Otaku", When he was shown the abridged side of things he loved it, often watching TeamFourStar, LittleKuriboh and TehExorcist.

Soul Eater Evans by Hellsive13

ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 (Jai Lees) IS INSANE!!!!

Start off[]

ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 started off just watching abridged series and making random amv's mainly using footage of the Melancholy and Hellsing. Himself and endeverafter4237 decided that they both wanted to make a series together and would probably use Melancholy as the anime. Later that idea was cancelled as ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 had to have an operation on his knee, when he recovered he found that endeverafter4237 had started on the idea of his own series. Later Neon Geneiss Evangelion Abridged was brought out abd 2 eps were uploaded, ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 was slightly dissappointed that he couldn't voice anyone.

Then endeverafter's Hellsing and Code Geass abridged series were brought up and ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 scored the roles of Alexander Anderson, and Suzaku, Rivalz & Clovis (Which is an extremely gay voice), unfortunately none of these projects were either edited or released. Update : Code Geass The Abridged series is in productions.

ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 then had a fall out with endeverafter when he was promised to be Ryo in endeverafter's new Fruits Basket Abrisged, although they quickly made up.


  • The Evil Banana 12
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Abridged (Version 2 Coming)
  • Vampire Knight Fandub
  • Anime Skit Show (COMING SOON)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Abridged[]

This series was ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4's first abridged series and featured the voice actors like crazyboutcena54 & firepheonix00. There was 2 episodes released so far with the idea of the 3rd coming out this month (July 2010). As of last week ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 has said that he is cancelling the series and is starting off from the start again as "the jokes are a bit tasteless and my editing was shit, I will say it myself, it is a shit series so far" (July 24th 2010), he also stated that there will be some cast changes, thus far these are the people who are staying on:

  • ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 as Kyon
  • manganimegirlXD1 as Haruhi (crazyboutcena54 was the voice in the 1st 2 eps but left for reasons)
  • endeverafter4237 as Itsuki
  • mXuVion48x as Taniguchi
  • ZmL4vKill as Kunikda
  • AnimeElectricBlue323 as Tsuruya-San
  • And KakashiDreamer as Emiri

None of the other parts have been secured yet!

New Cast Members have been announced!

  • Mikuru will be played by SailorMewSugarHeart
  • And Yuki will be played by MagicaSaki

Other Abridged Series[]

ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 stated on his YouTube page that he is putting Hellsing X Abridged on hold as of early 2010, the series will feature:

  • Himself as Alucard
  • Strangeling06 as Seras
  • manganimegirlXD1 as Integra
  • endeverafter4237 & Omegadge1 as Luke & Juan Valentine

June 2010 he uploaded a video on YouTube about starting a Storm Hawks Abridged Series, so far there arn't as many auditions as he would have liked, so far rackkewnodoom is Radarr and ChuianaKnight5000 as Master Cyclonis & himself as Aerrow.

Voice Roles[]

The Evil Banana 12

  • Seto Kaiba - Parody - Mine

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

  • Kyon - Abridged - Mine

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • All - Abridged / Cracked - Mine

Soul Eater

  • Soul - Parody - MySweeyCiel
  • Spirit - Parody - MySweetCiel
  • Shinigami (Lord Death) - Fandub - Kilua4life - Parody - MySweetCiel
  • Free - Abridged - TeamN0's - Parody - MySweetCiel
  • Excalibure - Parody - MySweetCiel


  • Kyuuji - Abridged - AnimeElectricBlue323
  • Inko - Abridged - AnimeElectricBlue323

Gakuen Alice

  • Narumi - Abridged - SailorMewSugarHeart1

Special A

  • Ryu - Abridged - Zman135
  • Nakamura - Abridged - Zman135


  • Yuuri - Abridged - AnimeElectricBlue323

Ouran: Highscool Host Club

  • Kyouya - Abridged - MySweetCiel
  • Mori - Fandub - iloveanime514 - Abridged - MySweetCiel
  • Nekozawa - Fandub - iloveanime514

Code Geass

  • Clovis - Abridged - MySweetCiel
  • Rivalz - Abridged - MySweetCiel
  • Suzaku - Abridged - MySweetCiel

Vampire Knight

  • Rido - Fandub - Mine & Fuzzyfox81
  • Zero - Abridged - FlightlessCar
  • Ichijo - Fandub - Mine - Abridged - FlightlessCar
  • Shiki - Abridged - FlightlessCar - Fandub - Fuzzyfox81
  • Kain - Abridged - FlightlessCar

Angel Beats!

  • Noda - Fandub - 111swimmingstar111
  • Takamatsu - Fandub - 111swimmimngstar111 - Fandub - Fuzzyfox81
  • Fujimaki - Fandub - 111swimmingstar111 - Fandub - Fuzzyfox81 - Fandub - MiksAnimeAwesomeness

Highschool of The Dead

  • Takashi - Fandub - WinterRainStudio's


Some people have said that ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 has become a much better abridger and editor than endeverafter4237, endeverafter has said himself that this is true but ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxxx4 refuse's to believe it "No there is no way I'm better then him, but if I am it's only because he has taught me well".

ScR3Wxx1TxxALLxxx4 Destroyed his voice at the end of 2010 and has only just come back as of 15 Feb onward.