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Sasukedude, also known as SasukeDude89, was the head of NCProductions, which produced NC Production's Naruto Shippuden Abridged.


Sasukedude began voice acting in March 2008. Although not technically an abridged series, his first parodies were featured on his YouTube account xdragonballazx. Before its deletion, the account predominantly featured parodies of the imfamous anime series Dragon Ball Z. After the account's suspension, he and a friend would go on to plan a abridging team that would later be called Naruto Chaos Productions Inc.. The newly formed team would choose naruto Shippuden as thier first project with Sasukedude running to helm as leader. He's voiced Naruto and many other voices in the series. His works with being the head of NCProductionsinc has lead to users such as TwilightWolf183 and Chidori328 to go into doing works of their own. Sasukedude has also worked with Princeroy and many others as well. Later in his episodes as an abridger, Sasukedude has also indulged in the short-lived Dragon Ball GT Abridged by Fanintheatic where he played numerous characters, his most notable being Trunks. Due to conflicts with his schedule, however, he was often unable to do the voices and thus the role of Trunks was filled in by Lucien Dodge. After the deletion of Fanintheatic's YouTube account, sasukedude focused more on his own abridged series with princeroy as his co-writer.

Projects & Roles[]

  • NC Production's Naruto Shippuden Abridged- Naruto, Chiyo, Ebizo, Hidan, Akatsuki Leader, Danzo, Chouji, Shino, Miscellaneous
  • NS/DBZ Crossover- Naruto, Goku, Chiyo, Hidan
  • Xdragonballaz2X- Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Misc