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This article is about the abridger known as SamTheGreek.


SamTheGreek is known heavily for his Samurai X Abridged, which has brought him a lot of fans.

Greatest Accomplishments?[]

Sam's greatest accomplishments include:

According to GanXingba, he was the funniest member of TeamDeviLKitty.

He made the "Happy Birthday" scene from Kannazuki no Miko (Episode 1) into a recognized internet meme.

Just to spite him, CardboardLawyer, Cage500, FlyingBandicoot, and Steve from the ScoonyCave all made 50 fake accounts - with the name "SamTheGreekSucks" - and used them to make Unwardil have more subscribers than him. They failed in their attempt.

Amazingly, he was somehow able to fool hundreds of viewers, including Cassius614, into thinking that AdamWestsLapdog was hacked and that his channel was AdamWestsLapdog's new channel.

Hbi2k once took the time to comment on how utterly tasteless SamTheGreek's videos are; yet hbi2k is also subscribed to SXAbridged, and did some voice acting in his Big O Abridged for him.

it is stated that his trolling ability is even better than that of Princeroy, Cage500, or many other noteably odd trolls (You know who you are).

Abridging Status[]

SamTheGreek's status is currently unknown, but it is assumed he has retired from abridging.

Projects & Appearances[]

  • Big O Abridged - Mostly Extras.
  • Samurai X Abridged - Most Characters.
  • Fruits Basket Abridged - Paper Boy.
  • Welcome To The NHK Abridged - Senpai, The Cat, The Legendary Salesman, & Sotorios.
  • Project Miyazaki - Extras.
  • Eden Of The East Abridged - Extras.
  • Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask TAS - Sam The Giant.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Abridged - Pope Zero, & Degwin's Chair.
  • Shaman King: The Abridged Series - Extras.
  • Glass Fleet Abridged - Hizack the Mad Spartan, & Tao Priest who gets his ass kicked by a French Chick.