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Episode 5
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date 11/11/2007
Length 8:29
Created by Megami33
Written by Entire cast
Mixed by Megami33
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  • Megami33- Serena and Luna
  • KrisRix- Molly, Queen Beryl, Amy, Andrew, Bad Guy and Fat girl
  • roll002- Melvin, Jedite and Darien
  • Judgement915 - Computer guy


  • Track from Super Mario Bros.
  • Bowser fight music from Super Mario 64
  • Ice Ice Baby

Energy Song[]

A song made for this episode. According to Megami33, it was sung by KrisRix.

Gimme your energy~
Gimme your energy~
Gimme gimme gimme gime
your energy-ee-eeGive it too me~


  • Kelly Clarkson.
  • (0:54) A proverb is a wise saying and the name of a book in the Bible. Serena thought Luna meant "Parable", which were stories with spiritual means that Jesus used to teach. However, Serena thought parables were miracles.
  • (1:32) Windows Vista was a version of Windows that initially had several errors.
  • Peter Griffin

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