Episode 3
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 10/14/2007
Length 7:13
Created by Megami33
Written by Entire cast
Mixed by Megami33
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Cast Edit

  • Megami33- Narrator, Serena, Serena's mom, Luna, Excercise girl, Random muscle guys, Jesus, Little boy, voicemail and soundeffects.
  • KrisRix- Molly, Queen Beryl, Andrew, Fat girl and Random muscle guy
  • roll002- Melvin, Jedite, Sam and Friend #1
  • Maxskate2001 - Tuxedo Mask, Serena's dad and Random muscle guy

Music Edit

  • (Ending) Theme to Pink Panther

References Edit

  • Tentacles refer to a theme used in some hentai. In Japanese, "hentai" means "pervert" or "perverted".
  • Micheal Jackson

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode with Jesus answering when His name is said.

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