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The second Sailor Moon Abridged series to debut, Megami33's version is notable for having the highest quality and the longest run. It was one of the first abridged series to be created and voiced by a group rather than having only one or two creators. The origins of the group are not known, though most of them were already friends before Sailor Moon Abridged began. As with most abridged series, at first the group produced an episode a week, but eventually the time between episodes increased as the production team had less time to work with and higher quality standards.


Sailor Moon Abridged is made by the combined efforts of Megami33, KrisRix, Roll002, MaxSkate2001, Whip0fAlchemy, and Judgement915. According to their web site, they made the script of each episode by watching the episode and gathering ideas together. They would record the voices after the ideas were collected and refined into a script, and then Megami33 would edit the video footage to line it up with audio recordings. After a week, they would all gather again to review what they had so far.

As of May 21st, 2010, Whip0fAlchemy resigned, so along with MaxSkate2001's disappearance, there were only 4 active members.

On October 26th, 2010, Megami33's account was terminated due to a copyright claim by Toei Animation. The claim was not successfully countered, so the series switched to hosting on Blip.tv (which has since also been terminated) and a backup Youtube channel SMAchannel.

In December 2014, the group made an announcement on Facebook about a major redesign of the website for the series, sailormoonabridged.com. The improved site includes links to all episodes sorted by season, cast biographies, and sections for fan-works, blog posts and upcoming events. The introductory blog post indicates that the team would still like to finish season 2 of the series, but due to time commitments it's difficult to say at this time if that will ever be realized.

On September 17, 2020, an HD update was uploaded to YouTube.

Opening music is the Sailor Moon Theme by Nicole & Bynne Price. The second version of the opening was done by KaiserNeko


  • Megami33: Serena/Sailor Moon | Luna | Sammy | Serena's Mom | Mrs. Haruna | Random Others
  • KrisRix: Amy/Sailor Mercury | Raye/Sailor Mars | Mina/Sailor Venus | Queen Beryl | Zoicite | Anne | Molly | Andrew | Fat Girl | Random Others
  • Roll002: Lita/Sailor Jupiter | Tuxedo Mask (ep. 4-5, 13/14, 18, 23, 28, 30-43, Movie: PotLR)| Jedite | Nephlite | Melvin | Random Others
  • Whip0fAlchemy: Malachite | Titus | Young Fiore | Greg | Random Others
  • Judgement915: Artemis | Windows Vista Intelligence System | Italia | Fiore | Alan | Random Others
  • Elana Mugnan: Kissenian Blossom

Past Cast Members[]

  • MaxSkate2001 - Tuxedo Mask (ep. 1-29)
  • EvilChicken25 - Tuxedo Mask (ep. 44-50)

Guest Stars[]

  • Simon Gannon - Ep. 34
  • Ace - Ep. 38
  • Nancy - Movie: PotLR
  • LittleKuriboh - Ep. 41-50
  • M. Alice LeGrow - Ep. 42
  • NathanGraves989 - Ep. 43
  • Lanipator - Ep. 44
  • Windaria/ThatAmbrosiaChick - Ep. 44
  • Dietrich0711 - Ep. 45
  • Two Best Friends Play: Matt & Pat - Ep. 48/49


"Sailor Moon Theme " by Nicole & Bynne Price

The second version of the opening was done by KaiserNeko.

Episode List[]

List of Megami33 Episodes

Season 1[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1
Sailor Moon takes the stage like never before!
Aug 28, 2007
Episode 2
Jedite hosts a radio show, and somehow neither Luna nor Sailor Moon recognize his voice...
Oct 9, 2007
Episode 3
Jedite's new plan is to steal energy from fat girls. Serena, of course, takes the bait.
Oct 14, 2007
Episode 4
Jedite is stealing energy from contestants in a talent show - why Serena is there, no one knows.
Oct 28, 2007
Episode 5
Some new girl shows up, but no can hear a word that comes out of her mouth... Something to do with the planet Mercury?
Nov 11, 2007
Episode 6
Jedite's new plan has something to do with clocks. Don't worry, he doesn't know the specifics either.
Nov 24, 2007
Episode 7
Sailor Mars finally shows up! And everyone's sort of regretting it...
Nov 29, 2007
Episode 8
Jedite goes after little kids in an amusement park. The Scouts just so happen to be there. Convenient things are great.
Dec 13, 2007
Episode 9
Jedite decides to set up a fake Love Cruise to steal "love energy" from happy couples. The Scouts (who are all single) pretend they have reasons to be there.
Dec 23, 2007
Episode 10
Jedite dies. It sure sucks to be him.
Dec 30, 2007
Episode 11
Nephlite is the Scouts' new formidable foe, and Molly attempts to have character development!
Jan 19, 2008
Episode 12
Mr. Baxter is a creepy dude who likes parks... and young teenage girls. The Scouts seem to think this is great!
Feb 1, 2008
Episode 13/14
Peter File is a famous photographer who goes to Raye's all-girls-school. This show just gets weirder.
Feb 11, 2008
Episode 15/16
Nephlite thinks that Molly is Sailor Moon. You know, because Molly is a blond with long pigtails.
Feb 28, 2008
Episode 17
Two animators struggle with a dilemma: what exactly does one use a pencil for?
Mar 10, 2008
Episode 18
Molly's pretending to be an important character again, and Serena wears a hideous dress.
Mar 30, 2008
Episode 19
Molly, what are you doing?
Apr 13, 2008
Episode 20
Nephlite and Molly frolic off into the sunset. Oh, wait... No, he just dies.
May 4, 2008
Episode 21
Leo, I mean Lita, transfers to Juuban High School. And Beryl learns she has a mission.
May 18, 2008
Episode 22
The Vatican is gonna be all over us for this one...
Jun 8, 2008
Episode 23
Amy actually has a reason for being so quiet. Too bad no one cares.
Jul 13, 2008
Episode 24/25
Andrew's mom? Totally got it going on.
Aug 3, 2008
Episode 26/27
The Negaverse was smart enough to actually attack two places at once!
Sep 9, 2008
Episode 28
Molly is victimized, and Melvin is retarded. Nothing new here.
Oct 12, 2008
Episode 29
The arrival of Sailor Venus! This show will never be the same...
Oct 26, 2008
Episode 30
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask discover each other's thinly disguised real identities!
Oct 31, 2008
Episode 31
Say what? Sailor Venus isn't the Moon Princess?!
Feb 1, 2009
Episode 32
Plot points galore! Maybe.
Feb 23, 2009
Episode 33
Serena gets kicked out of a Finishing School so damn fast, it's not even funny.
Mar 13, 2009
Episode 34
And everybody died...!
Mar 29, 2009
Episode 35
Never question how Raye's overalls got to be pink!
May 10, 2009
Episode 36/37
Pokemon! We've got an anime mash-up in this bitch!
Jul 8, 2009
Episode 38
What is this? Naruto or something?
Episode 39
Woah, there's actually PLOT revealed here, folks! This is a must see!
Episode 40 part 1
Will the Sailor Scouts survive the battle with Queen Beryl? Oh, just kidding, they get killed off before even CONFRONTING Beryl!
Episode 40 part 2
The second half of the thrilling (???) season finale! Nonsensical motives and conclusions abound!
Episode 40
Both parts, combined.

Season 2[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 41
New alien bad guys appear, who bear a striking resemblance to that sociopath in the movie! Whom no one besides Serena seems to remember...
Episode 42
The girls all regain their memories, yet they still don't remember the movie...
Episode 43
The day is saved by a tall, dark, and handsome figure standing at elevated heights, throwing roses and spouting nonsense. No relation to Tuxedo Mask...
Episode 44
A new Virtuous Reality game place opens and shit happens.
Episode 45
The girls ditch school to watch cherry blossoms fall, and some major energy-draining business goes DOWN.
Episode 46/47
BABIES DIE...and other stuff too.
Episode 48/49
Raye takes over the school's festival & Lita has fallen in love with another man. No surprise here! Enjoy eh!
Episode 50
The Sailor Scouts are holding a performance of Sleeping Beauty with Ann as the lead but Alan has other plans...
Episode 51
The most exciting episode ever to be made...Serena gets detention! Wait it gets better...she has it with Anne! Oh yeah there's also some crazy cardian & the girls ditch Serena to go see a movie. Typical day.


Episode Air Date
Promise of the Lost Rose, Part 1
Promise of the Lost Rose, Part 2
Promise of the Lost Rose, Part 3
With no regard to continuity whatsoever, the Sailor Scouts have to fight against Fiore: a sociopath... FROM SPACE.

Common Jokes[]

  • Serena has a reoccurring habit of wanting to throw up, is consistently called fat, and is portrayed as being excessively dull, for example when Luna was reading something, Serena shows surprise that she can read, when Luna states that if she can talk of course she can read, which then Serena is surprised that she can talk despite already having several conversations with her.
  • Luna has an exaggerated British accent.
  • Serena is reluctant and oblivious to her duty as Sailor Moon.
  • Amy is displayed as quiet and shy, a reoccuring joke is that she is too quiet, no one can hear her. She is also constantly mocked for being near useless in combat and having worthless powers.
  • Quite the opposite, Rei is loud and angry. She is often threatening others as well as calling Serena fat. She is fascinated with death, is a devil worshipper, and has two birds named "Bloody" and "Dagger".
  • Lita is a transsexual who speaks like a gangster, and has the most common sense out of the entire group.
  • Mina is a colossal slut with a Valley Girl accent who is incredibly dumb, sometimes forgetting her own name.

Quotes from English Dub[]

This version often uses the lines from the English dub (usually reading: Actual Dialogue From the English Dub). The things that come from the original dub fall under the category of "you just can't make this stuff up."

Plot Holes, Continuity Issues and Mistakes in the Original Version[]

Sailor Moon Abridged often points out any plot holes, continuity issues or mistakes in the original Sailor Moon, this includes:

  • The fact that nobody can figure out the true identity of the Scouts even though they don't have masks.
  • When characters forget to use powers that they possess or suddenly use a power they did not have previously. For example, when Zoycite is overcome by rats while chasing after Luna even though she has the ability to teleport or when Sailor Moon uses her tiara as a "lesbian trapper".
  • Confusion with Zoycite's gender
  • The many names of the silver imperium crystals


See Characters of Sailor Moon Abridged for more details.

Laughing Track[]

A laughter track is used off and on in the series to give it more of a sitcom feel. Usually it is used when everything is normal, i.e. no villains, Sailor Scout forms, etc.

Vocalized Foley Effects[]

In lieu of sound effects, quite often it's just someone vocalizing the effect, e.g. "whoosh!" In one episode, when a character gets run over by a large jet plane, the only sound it makes is someone saying "Plane!"


Some of the characters, specifically Serena, are bulimic.


Usually whenever a character says "Jesus" out loud, the voice of Jesus answers. Usually the answer is only one sentence.

Sailor Says[]

This was an educational section of the original show that was played at the end. It would give advice to the child audience. In the abridged version, it is often used to give bad advice. For example, in the first episode, the Sailor Says was that exercising was hard and that being bulimic was an easier way to lose weight.

This section also comments on how suggestible the audience, specially kids and pre-teens, are.

Censor Noise[]

Instead of using the standard bleep noise for censoring, this series uses an alarm noise. This sound is similar to the unit under attack sound from the RTS Total Annihilation.


  • In 2018, the Mexican youtuber Otamon did a Spanish dub of the series and an unofficial sequel, focusing on the Sailor Moon R season. It respects the continuity of the original abridged series, keeping the characterization and jokes, but the series is in Spanish.

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