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This article is about the abridger known as Sabien.


Sabien is the co-creator, Actor and writer of TeamNakama's One Piece Abridged series. He has acted as Jaden in Yu-Gi-Oh DMX series, and has done personal fandubs on the side.

He had taken a 2 year hiatus, but is now back to abridge with the best of them!

He doesn't mind being honest with himself and continues to improve, he's been known to read comments and take them with a grain a salt but still learns from them. Sabien has been known to be a very hard worker and turns in his work on time if not earlier than the due date of a project. It is in his hopes that people will see his improvement. Sabien loves to act and have people watch him, and if there is only one person watching then that is more than enough.



  • Sabien role as a writer was originally stolen by Zombifaction. Since the first episode Sabien has taken his place as writer again.
  • Sabien has a way of making rape jokes without realizing it.
  • Since Episode 1 Sabien has changed Luffy's voice since it was originally too high pitched.
  • Zombifaction and Sabien fought over the role of Brook since they are theater nerds.