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Texas, USA

Specializes in:

Abridging, Voice Actor, Editing, Guitar

Years Abridged:

4 Years




SD2Productions (a.k.a SD2 or SD) is a voice actor known for his Sword Art Online Abridged. He started abridging in 2009 as a voice actor (his first 3 videos being audition videos). He soon became a member of an unknow team of abridgers by, "loverofpeoplez" and "bencheesewheel". He was casted as "Death The Kid" in a "Soul Eater Abridged". SD2 was set to apear in episode 3 but the series was cancelled after epsidoe 2. The group then casted SD2 as "Youhei Sunhara" in a "Clannad Abridged Tomoyo Chapter One-Shot". After the the One-shot, he began to write a "LuckyStarAbridgedSeries", which was dropped quickly. SD2 then started to worked with loverofpeoplez to make a "Death Note Abridged", which he co-wrote and voiced "Light Yagami" and "Touta Matsuda". The series was well done and has 2 full episodes.

A year later in 2010, SD2 started an Abridged team with "Jonathankun100". The team is known as "TeamRockStarAbridged", made with the idea of having a One-shot and two series. SD2 and Jonathankun100 worked on a "Black Rock Shooter Abridged One-Shot" which SD2 co-wrote, edited, and voiced "Mato Kuroi" and "Yuu Kotari". The team had many members set for two series: "Naruto Abridged" and "Bakuman Abridged".

At the same time, SD2 started a small series on his Channel called "To LOve RU Abridged". He Wrote, edited, and Voiced "Rito Yuuki" and "Zastin". Unfortunatly, this project could not be seen due to Copy Right issues claimed by YouTube. Soon the "TeamRockStarAbridged" made a short One-Shot known as: "Soul Eater Abridged One-Shot". The One-shot was set to come out on Halloween. He wrote, edited, and voiced "Soul Eater". This project can als not be seen due to Copy Right issues.

In  the following year 2011, "TeamRockStarAbridged" Launch there first series "Naruto Abridged". SD2 co-wrote, edited, and voiced "Naruto Uzumaki". The series was taken well and is still on-going. Soon the series stopped for SD2 and Jonathankun100. They have since then become solo abridgers. After seprating, SD2 was casted in another abridged series as "Tamaki Suoh" in "Moran Host Club" by "MoonDreamofA" (a.k.a Duchess).

Along side abridged series and One-shots, SD2 started to take on voice acting projects for flash-game series and dating sims. Nearing the end of 2011 on his own channel, he started "Sword Art Online Abridged". He writes, edits, and voices "Kirito". Although SD2 and Jonathankuun100 are solo abridgers, SD2 is the editor and voice of "Zero" in "Vampire Knight Abridged" by Jonathankun100.

Durring the month of Decemeber, SD2 became a member of the "OneForAllMedia" abridging team, soon too come out with a new abridged series. As of Decemeber 31, 2012, SD2 was casted as "Sensei Kojiro" in "Bamboo Blade Abridged" by DancingMonkeyPDTV. Replacing the former voice actor "TheFuchsiaFox", who retired from the group. 

SD2Productions still continues to voice, write and edit in abridges series and One-shots. He even voices small comic strips and internet memes. Hoping to gain much exsperince through abridging, SD2 is an aspiring voice actor who plans to work with FUNamation in the future.


  • Sword Art Online Abridged (Director) - Voices Kirito
  • Naruto Abridged (co-creator) - Voices Naruto
  • Black Rock Shooter Abridged One-Shot (Director) - Voices Mato and Yuu
  • Death Note Abridged (Co-Writer) - Voices Light
  • Clannad Abridged One-Shot by loverofpeoplez - Voices Sunhara
  • Vampire Knight Abridged by Jonathankun100 (Editor) - Voices Zero
  • Morn Host Club Abridged by MoonDreamofA - Voices Tamaki
  • Arcana Famiglia Abridged by babylon000Pyro - Voices Jolly
  • Tiger and Bunny Abridged by OneForAllMedia - Voices Tiger
  • Bamboo Blade Abridged by SonCurran (DancingMonkeyPDTV) - Voices Sensei KOJIRO!
  • Claymore Unserious by UltimateGamerist (DancingMonkeyPDTV) - Voices Yoma
  • Attack On Titan Abridged by ReverseSoda (DancingMonkeyPDTV) - Voices Levi
  • Convenient Love FanDub (co-creator) - Voice Andre
  • Yume Nikki FanDub (Director)