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Donald Kozinski, otherwise known as ryuzakimk7 or AnimeRevolutionPro, is an amateur abridger, scriptwriter, and voice actor on Youtube. He’s better known with his affiliation with the group thatsbridging, and his abridged series: Infinite Stratos Abridged.


Ryuzakimk7 (or Ryu for short) started abridging in September 2010 with small abridging productions of anime such as Kekkaishi and Kingdom Hearts. It wasn’t unil January 2011 that he was gradually gaining some experience with the production of his own Angel Beats! Abridged on Youtube. As of today, these episodes no longer exist on Youtube, or his original channel. He created his backup channel, AnimeRevolutionPro, a week after the initial takedwon of his original channel, with re-uploads of all the original episodes. However, they were once again removed from Youtube, as well as his Dailymotion account weeks later. It was through this abridged that he started to gradually gain popularity and continued work with other abridgers. The biggest offer was the invitation to join the new upcoming abridging group, thatsbridging, and was soon casted on as one of their main scriptwriters. Soon after Ryu’s induction into the group, he created a separate channel for his abridged projects, AnimeRevAbridged, and started on the fairly popular Infinite Stratos Abridged as of August 2011. It was this series that grabbed the attention of many other abridgers and fandubbers. Future projects he will be casted in or working on include a Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Abridged and a future AbridgeMENT series with thatsbridging (details currently unknown).


  • Ryu's name, ryuzakimk7, was primarily based on the Death Note character, L, who asked to be called Ryuzaki.