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RyuZaraki,PandaLumps, PervySage

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Devil May Cry: The Abridged Series & Bleach: The Abridged Series

4th Wall Productions Members:

9Jack69, Lobie-Kun, JordanNarutoFan123

Member of 4th Wall Productions, Ryuzaki_Sama created Devil May Cry: The Abridged Mini-Series to test his scripting ability, this was a failed attempt so the scripting work was passed down to Lobie-Kun. Ryuzaki_Sama is now working on creating Bleach: The Abridged Series with 4th Wall Productions and is co-scripting with Lobie-Kun.


Devil May Cry: The Abridged Mini-Series[]

Ryuzaki_Sama created DMC: TAMS with 4th Wall Productions to test his 'abridging ability', this was a failed attempt for two reasons (1) Ryuzaki_Sama's script did not follow the story (2) 4th Wall Productions' voice work was unmotivated and sounded bad. Ryuzaki_Sama announced he was cancelling DMC: TAMS after the next couple of episodes so co-writer (now head-writer) Lobey-Kun could start writing for his next projects. Ryuzaki_Sama is currently scripting one last 'special' episode of DMC: TAMS while Lobie-Kun finishes writing the end of the series.

Bleach: The Abridged Series[]

Ryuzaki_Sama has commented that B:TAS will be a lot better and that he has many ideas in store for it. He has also mentioned that other members of 4th Wall Productions will have larger parts, this was said because both 69Jack69 and JordanNarutoFan123 were given very small parts in DMC: TAMS. Lobie-Kun has begun scripting but the first episode will not be posted until mid-June.