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This article is about the abridger simply known as RogueAbridger.


Rogue began Abridging in April of 2008, after experiencing Abridging from watching series like, Semisoma1 and MidnightDevonts, Bleach Soma Abridged, and Hbi2k's Berserk. His first attempt, like most people, didn't turn out so good. After only two episode of Rurouni Kenshin Abridged, Rogue got his Roge14 Account suspended. Ironically it was original a back up for his original, which was also suspended, and thus RogueAbridger was born.

Before Abridging[]

Rogue, or Roge14 as he was back then, was a anime fan and enjoyed to make AMV's. Briefly he became involved in some of the Naruto Role Play Characters , Naruto RPC's, and was involved in making recolor’s of Naruto Characters and making character online chats. At the same time Rogue was a decent amv maker, or gmv. He did not know how to rip anime footage, so the majority of his AMV’s consisted of still pictures and gifs. They were still good, aside form the lack of quality.

Abridged Voice Acting Resume[]

These are series Rogue has voiced in or has helped create.

*Series Rogue Abridges* *Series Rogue is Involved in*

  • Rurouni Kenshin The Abridged Series - Himura Kenshin, Aditional Voices
  • Aquarion Abridged by xLight09x - Johnanes ,Aditional Voices
  • Giant Robo The Abridged Series - Gin Rei, Daisaku Kusama, Tetsugyu, Prof. Shizuma, Shockwave Alberto, Inspector Kenji Murasame, Genya, Giant Robo, Aditional Voices
  • K-on! TAS by Just5guy - Tsumugi Kotobuki , Aditional Voices
  • Black Blood Brother Abridged by Gdecht007 - Badrick Serihan, Hibari Kusunogi, OCC President, Co -Writer.
  • .Hack//Infection Abridged - (ep 4 on) Elk, Sanjuro, co- writer (ep 4)
  • Mega Man Abridged by Zeromaster - Sparkman (ep12)
  • Final Fantasy Abridged Children by Kimimaroandfriends66 - Reno
  • Final Fantasy Legend of the Crystal The Abridged Series - Pritz, Aditional Voices
  • Peacemaker Kurogane The Abridged Series by xLight09x - Aditional Voices
  • Bleach Soma Diamond Dust Rebellion The Abridged Movie by SemiSoma1 - Sajin Komamura
  • The Abridging of Hauhi Suzuimiya by FullMetalChao - Aditional Voices
  • Grand Line Abridged by Williamdorf -Aditional Voices
  • Dragon Dub Studios Digimon Tamers The Abridged series (Ep 2) - Solid Snake
  • Black Butler Abridged Series - Ciel Phantomhive


Rurouni Kenshin Abridged[]

Rka text 4

RKA was Rogues First Abridged series. So far is has only run two episodes and one redux. With luck and effort it will eventually continue. Rogue is the writer, editor and creator of RKA. He Voices the Main Character Kenshin. Along with his original two cast members. Blacksilkninja, Karou, and Chicknwings, Sano. In the Redux Thedoctor17 is added to the main cast, and is casted to play Yahiko in the planed redux of ep 2. As well as 1Matwilson83, doctors partner in there DNAngel Abridged, comes to join the cast as Grandpa. Zeromaster of MegaMan Abridged and the Counsel of Boosh and Goodies as well as Dco257 from another DNAngel Abridged and Dragon Dub Studios Digimon Tamers Abridged Joined the cast as current extras

Final Fantasy Legend of the Crystal Abridged[]

Rogues second abridged project with his group of CAST, consisting of, Himself, Gahooly, Semisoma1 and MidnightDevont. The first three 3 episodes are scripted. But it has never gone past episode 1. Final Fantasy Legend of the Crystal, or FFLC, it self is a 4 part ova from the mid 90's that takes place between Final Fantasy 5 and Final Fantasy 6. Some plot about how they have to protect the elemental crystals. The first episode of the Abridged series editing was very off and the timing for everything was messed up.

Giant Robo Abridged[]

GR TAS ep 2

Rogues newest Abridged Project. Consisting of mainly him self. and added help from Williamdorf. It began as an entry to Hbi2k's Abridged contest. and later got recognition in Cassius614's Life Abridged countdown. this gave rogue a since of encourage meant to continue the project. Rogue has given Robo, the Giant mecha Robot of the anime. A Black stereotype voice. Including in the Series opening, a parody of the Eva opening. the series is plagued with strong comparisons to EVA in general. Rogue voices all the characters so far save two. that are voiced by Williamdorf, or Will of D. Originally it was to be voiced by JakatoX but due to a fast approaching dead line and him having computer technical difficulties, he had to make a quick cast change .

Abridged Abridged[]

Rogue's first Abridged Abridged project was of Zeromaster's MegaMan Abridged. This project was made when Rogue and the other members of 5guys were bored when Zeromaster when to AnimeNorth for a weekend.


Rogue is a member of Just5guys K-on! Abridged. He co- writes with the rest of the cast as well as voices Tsumugi. The idea of Just5guys is that it is an all girls anime with an all male cast. Adding more to the comedy. Zeromaster, Toaster, Knightshade04, HokageTitan and FullMetalChao join Rogue as the rest of the main cast, as well as Dco257 as Ui, Yui's younger sister, who is played by Zeromaster.

The Abridged Podcast[]


The Abridged Podcast started as an idea from Rogue, Knuckles235 and Ezekieru after watching one of Vegeta3986's Podcast. The Podcast has ran for over a year now, with 8 episodes. Though after the third episode Ezekieru left the project, as did Nathangraves989 was on the show as a permanent member, but left after Eze did. The Podcast has continued since then with Rogue and Knuckles as the two remaining permanent members. But due to recent rising in work load, Knuckles235 has had to leave the Podcast indefinitely, and the Podcast is left to only Rogue.


The Podcast has spawned two other Podcast. the TAC Podcast, The Abridged Community Podcast, By Chicknwings. and the TAA Podcast, The Abridged Alliance Podcast, by Zeromaster and xLight09x

Special Guests[]

The podcast has had a lot of guests over its one year run. The latest being LittleKuriboh.

  1. LordQuadros
  2. Stokes
  3. BigTunit1
  4. Semisoma1
  5. xLight09x
  6. MasakoX
  7. thedoctor17
  8. ZeroMaster
  9. Chickenwings
  10. Blacksilkninja
  11. Arufonsa1
  12. LittleKuriboh

And more to come ^^