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Following the positive viewer feedback from Resident Evil: Abridged, the abridging team Renegamers continued their parody of the famous CAPCOM horror series with Resident Evil 2: Abridged (Officially titled 'Resident Evil Two-Shot: Abridged') a year later.

Due to the overall length of the script, the writers decided to split the parody into 2 halves. Part 1 aired on November 1st, 2015, and Part 2 aired roughly a year later on November 10th, 2016.

Resident Evil 2: Abridged
Resident Evil 2 Abridged Logo

Air Date:

Part 1 - November 1, 2015

Part 2 - November 10th, 2016

Created By:


Run Time:

Part 1 - 36 Minutes, 50 Seconds

Part 2 - 37 Minutes, 50 Seconds


  • Bidenz
  • DareToBeDifferent76
  • CelticButterfly
  • ChuangTzuX2
  • cloudstrife8
  • LionheartedRebel
  • Yodaisdeath13
  • Blue6Sub6Remnant6
  • Faustgesicht
  • MaractusJack
  • Synopsis[]

    Months have passed since the rescue operation within the Spencer Mansion took place. Not only has news of the incident somehow evaded the public's attention, but the surviving members of the mission have mysteriously gone missing recently, chief among them Chris Redfield. Worried that he may have become the victim of foul play, his sister Claire journeys to Raccoon City to search for him.

    Upon arriving, the young college student finds herself caught in the middle of a zombie outbreak within the city. Thanks to a chance encounter with Leon Kennedy, a fledgling RPD officer, she manages to survive the walking dead and the two begin heading towards the Police Station. Before they can reach their destination, however, they become separated and must make the rest of the perilous trek alone.

    Can the two heroes make it through the night as they cross paths with a defiant 12-year-old girl, a mysterious lady, a New Jersey-accented journalist, and a hideous tweet-spouting monster?


    • Bidenz as Leon Kennedy
    • DareToBeDifferent76 as Claire Redfield
    • CelticButterfly as Ada Wong
    • ChuangTzuX2 as Sherry Birkin
    • cloudstrife8 as William Birkin
    • LionheartedRebel as Annette Birkin
    • Yodaisdeath13 as Tyrant/Mr.X & Elliot Edward
    • Blue6Sub6Remnant6 as Marvin Branaugh
    • Faustgesicht as Chief Brian Irons
    • MaractusJack as Ben Bertolucci & Title Sequence Voice
    • BloodMage as Robert Kendo
    • CrkdBluShds as HUNK
    • GuitArchon as RAZOR
    • TheAlbacor as Misc. Zombies
    • CryowenFrostMage as Licker

    STARS Cameos[]

    Almost all the major members of STARS make a cameo appearance through written document voice-overs in Part 1. The only exception is Brad, who is substituted in place of the nameless chopper pilot that attempts to rescue Officer Elliot Edward on the roof of the Police Station.

    • cloudstrife8 as Chris Redfield
    • LionheartedRebel as Jill Valentine
    • CrkdBluShds as Barry Burton
    • GuitArchon as Albert Wesker
    • TheAlbacor as Brad Vickers