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Renneko is a voice over artist, writer, and singer.

Dubbed by one "the mythical Pokémon in human form". Renneko is a secret legendary from Gen 3 of Pokémon, their gender is unknown.

They prefer the pronoun Xik (Pronounced Zh-ick).

Renneko is a voice over artist from the future and will be in roles such as:

Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade from the Monogatari English Dub and Delivery Boy from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Abridged.


I just wanted to state how appreciative I am toward Renneko for their contributions to my Pokémon Research. For sometime, Elm and I were confused on the topic of gender, and multiple times trainers have questioned why we classify some Pokémon as having a lack, although humans have defined genders. But now as of meeting this amazing specime- I mean person, me and Elm have come to find there is a literal neuter, and this neuter is very very rare condition, even medical science cannot create or manipulate it. So now, select 0.000000001% of humans, now belong to the Mythical Pokémon Category. -Rights reserved to Prof. Samuel Oak. Date: MMXIX

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