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Rellik J. N. Join (often abbreviated to Rellik) is a voice actor, abridger and editor.

Rellik J. N Join[edit | edit source]

Rellik J. N. Join is a small amateur voice actor and owner of the small voice acting group TAC Productions (TAC standing for The Awesome Chronicles). While being reluctant to voice in projects outside of TAC, he has taken on the role of 2 main characters (Light Yagami and Ryuk) and 1 recurring character (Soichiro) in his Death Note abridged

Born in London, Rellik has shown some kind of skill as a voice actor - particularly in his DmC one-shot, Dante Will Cry, in which he provided the voice for all characters, keeping them as diverse as he could. He has a habit of using his regular voice (or something very similar to his regular voice) for voicing main characters - examples of this include Light Yagami and Dante Redgrave.

Rellik has also been known to do drawing's [1] in a typography style and sell them, many of his painting's have been of things he enjoys for example deathnote and watchmen. It has been stated by him that he enjoys very dark matters for his paintings but is willing to try other things, the most recent being pokemon.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The 'J. N.' in Rellik's name stands for "Jonateer Nearsighted". Jonateer being a colleauge he works closely with, Nearsighted being a reference to the character 'Nearsighted Jeego' from Ghost Trick. This makes Rellik's full pseudonym 'Rellik Jonateer Nearsighted Join'.
  • The name 'Rellik' was chosen from the short story "The Hitchhiker" by Anthony Horowitz. In this story, a young boy mishears the name 'Mr. Renwick' as 'Mr. Rellik' - Rellik chose that name since The Hitchhiker had been one of his favourite childhood stories.

    Rellik as drawn by DrFunk98

  • As stated in a podcast, Rellik's favourite episode of DN:tas is Episode 10 Part 2.
  • Rellik has trolled his own wiki page. He takes immense pride in this fact and alters his way of life simply to make his trivia section the most interesting on the wiki.
  • One of Rellik's friends added information to this wiki but he is useless and had to alter the information around 9 times.
  • Rellik's a genius, like, you don't even know.
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