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Ranmarotto is a voice actor and abridger. His most well known works are Bleaching In The Name Of (2012), a parody series that takes the characters in Tite Kubo's series Bleach and twists their personalities around while mixing in characters and themes from various Western and Eastern Animation characters, very similar to an abridged series, and Ranmabridged (2013), a more direct and traditional parody of Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma 1/2.

He has also created an Assassination Classroom Abridged (2015-2016) that spanned 5 episodes long. This has so far been his most popular work yet, and although many disagree the dark humor provided in Assassination Classroom, he tries to provide a variety of content that appeals to all his fans. Some parodies contain minimal to no cursing, whereas other can contain racial slurs and mockery of mass murders. The humor itself usually stays consistent within each individual series he uploads, however.

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