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September 2009 - Present


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Ranma 1/2 is about a teenager named Ranma who fell into the cursed spring, Spring of Drowned Girl. From now on, whenever he is splashed with cold water he becomes a she and turns back when splashed with hot water. However, he is not the only one cursed. His dad, Genma, feel into the Spring of Drown Panda, his rival Ryoga, Spring of Drown Black Pigglet, Mousse, Spring of Drown White Duck, and one of his many fiances Shampoo, Spring of Drown Cat. Ranma is being wed to Akane to combine two martial arts schools, but neither of them like it. With insane classmates, psychotic fiances, cursed martial artists, and monstrous enemies, Ranma's life has no chance at normality.


Ranma 1/2 The Abridged Series is by The Order of A.D.D. The Order of A.D.D started sometime late in 2008. The cast consists of Shibien13, Redbeast13 (who both work together on a separate series), Ranma2387, Ilovetoparty1, Kidkash612 (formerly), SuperHyperConsoleBoy (originally credited as Marrioman99, but he changed his name), Bubblebibbit, PygmyPuffPie, Fullmetalraz, and Cazbuster. The last four did not become members until the actual series began and Kidkash612 is no longer a member of the Order.


  • Shibien13 - Kuno, Principal
  • Redbeast13 - Ryoga, FAIL Lady
  • Ranma2387 - Boy Ranma
  • Ilovetoparty1 - Genma, P-Chan, Mike, Teachers
  • Cazbuster - Girl Ranma (episode 7+), Nabiki (episode 8+), Kasumi, Kodachi, and Shampoo.
  • SuperHyperConsoleBoy - Mousse, Soun (episode 8-on), Jusenkyo Guide, Dr. Tofu, and Narrator.
  • BEZthePEZ (previously "PygmyPuffPie") - Akane (episode 8+).
  • Pandoraherself - Cologne

Guest Stars[]

  • Fullmetalraz - Happosai
  • Hippichick10001 - Ukyo

Retired Cast Members[]

  • Kidkash612 - Soun and Akane (until episode 7).
  • Remaregina (previously "Bubblebibbit") - Girl Ranma (until episode 6), Nibiki (until episode 4), Kasumi (until episode 5), and Cologne (1/2).


(More characters will be added as they appear)

  • Ranma (Ranma2387) Female: (Bubblebibbit ep 1-6) (Cazbuster ep 7-on): The protagonist of the show. He is a skilled martial artist (most characters in this show are), who turns into a girl when soaked with cold water and back into a man when soaked in hot water. He is hot tempered, egotistical and sometimes stupid. Due to the character turning into a girl, Ranma2387 gave him a girly scream. In the movie he is noted to be a cosplayer, this may be a spin on the many disguises he takes when a girl. Ranma can take on any rival with ease, but is terrified of Akane. During the events in episode 10, Ranma has had enough of Akane's crap and finally stands up and fights the bitch that has made his life a living hell.
  • Genma Saotome (Ilovetoparty1): Ranma's father. He is also a skilled martial artist, but is lacking when compared to the younger fighter. When he is soaked in cold water, he turns into a panda and when soaked in warm water, he turns back into himself. He is also very hot tempered. Genma usually gets abusive towards Ranma which results in either verbal or physical fights, and Ranma usually wins. He is also not very trusting because in various occasions. Genma betrays Ranma during his time of need in exchange for Genma's greedy ways. The Order of A.D.D stretch this to the point where they make him do this much more then on the show, and also made him a constant drinker (which he kind of is in the show).
  • Akane Tendo (Kidkash612 ep 1-7) (PygmyPuffPie ep 8-on): Akane is yet another skilled martial artist. She is the youngest of three daughters and is easily the ugliest. Before she was born, Genma and Akane's dad, Soun, agreed that Ranma and Akane were to be married when they were older. She is the most hot tempered and violent character in the show. Akane has abnormal strength that she uses to punch people into orbit. She is also a tomboy and the Order of A.D.D stretched this to the point of making her sound like a guy. Due to her getting mad and causing harm before hearing the full story of things, the Order of A.D.D has her just threaten or attack people for sometimes no reason at all, "Random Violence." She stated in the movie that she was into girls, but there has been no mention of this since the series began and the joke has assumed to be dropped. In the show, she beats on Ranma all the time. The Order of A.D.D stretch this joke on the abridged series by making her beat downs more horrific and consistent. Also, while those under animal curses can talk (in this parody) she is too stupid to understand them (at the very least she can't understand P-Chan). Akane seemed to have gained some level of respect towards Ranma for helping her regain her memories. However, this doesn't seem to effect her from tormenting the hell out of him. Originally played by Kidash612, he has resigned for his own reasons that turned bitter and is now not on speaking terms with the Order.
  • Nabiki Tendo (Bubblebibbit ep 1-7) (Cazbuster ep 8-on): Akane's older sister and the middle child. She is a bitch, money hungry, and occasionally a slut. The Order of A.D.D enhanced all of her characteristics to the point where she is a minor antagonist because she always causes trouble or drama. The Order of A.D.D made her an evil source in the show. An example of her evilish ways is when she gave Ryoga steroids so he can have an advantage against beating Ranma in order to win money on bets she placed. On a rare occasion she does an evil laugh, grows devil horns, and fire appears behind her. She often grows devil horns when she is up to no good.
  • Soun Tendo (Kidkash612 ep 1-6) (SuperHyperConsoleBoy ep 8-on): Soun is the father of Akane, Nabiki, and Kasumi Tendo. He is a martial artist (skill strength the same as Genma's) that owns a dojo, but he rarely ever fights. He always cried in the show so the Order of A.D.D stretched it to the point where he is bi-polar, very sensitive, and a little crazy. He even hears voices in his head which tell him what to do. Originally played by Kidkash612, he has resigned due to personal reasons that turned bitter and is now not on speaking terms with the rest of the Order.
  • Kasumi Tendo (Bubblebibbit ep 1-7): The oldest sister of the three Tendo daughters. She has no characteristics besides being nice and the motherly type. So the Order of A.D.D made her have a characteristic of being slow and stupid. Her voice and manners resemble that of Eric Cartman's mother from South Park, for that is what Bubblebibbit (her original VA) was going for.
  • Tatewaki Kuno (Shibien13): A minor antagonist of the show. He is a skilled samurai and is incredibly egotistical and narcissistic. The Order of A.D.D stretch this to the point where he always makes either a sex joke or complements himself on how attractive he is. In episode one, when he called himself "The Blue Thunder," (which is his actual nickname on the show) thunder roared with the sound of a woman having an orgasm. He is very suave and is very dramatic. Whenever he is "meditating" he is actually playing Dead or Alive Extreme. Kuno's goal is to claim Akane and Ranma's girl form for himself. Despite his hatred towards Ranma, he will go out of his way to warn him of his sister, Kodachi's, insanity. Kuno has the ability to spirit himself out of his body and posses people who are trying to get something from women. While Kuno can sense them failing, he can take control over them in something called "The Sexy State" and take over and smooth take for the possesie. The person who is possessed seems to retain no memory of the event.
  • Ryoga Hibiki (Redbeast13) P-Chan (Ilovetoparty1): Ranma's strongest rival and friend who is after Akane's heart. He is notably getting unbelievably lost, taking him 3-5 days to get to his own back yard. This default of his has been stretched to the point where he gets lost and wanders into different animes or abridged series' such as wondering into Rurouni Kenshin X Abridged (By Shibien13 and Redbeast13) and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged (By Fullmetalraz's and Bollidom12's Fullmetalforce). He has a grudge on Ranma for it was his fault that he fell into the spring that now turns him into a pig, called P-Chan (voiced by Ilovetoparty1) and is Akane's pet. He briefly appeared in the first episode and the Order of A.D.D's Christmas Special was focused around him and is shown to still have his poor navigation skills.
  • Dr. Tofu (SuperHyperConsoleBoy): A physician who runs a small clinic. He is head over heels for Kasumi and will act goofy whenever she is around. He finds it stupid that Ranma and friends come to him for every little injury, be it a bump on the cheek or dislocated spin, stating that for the small injuries they can just ice down and for the big ones they should go see a real doctor because he is only a physician. Dr. Tofu is also the voice of reason and constantly complains about tons of things.
  • Kodachi Kuno (Cazbuster): Tatewaki's younger sister, she attends an all girl's school for the mentally insane. Known as "The Black Rose," she specializes in martial arts gymnastics, using gymnastics equipment (and a variety of poisons) as her weapons. Like her older brother, she is very sexual. However, unlike her brother, she is more extreme and acts more like a rapist; even demanding Ranma to have sex with her in public. She is also crazy and will do anything to win. Even setting a bus filled with her challengers on fire. She is so disturbing, even her own brother warns potential boyfriends, or victims, of her wrath.
  • Shampoo (Cazbuster): An Amazon warrior who wants to kill the girl Ranma, but wants to marry the boy Ranma. She followed Ranma ever sense he (she) beat her and stole her KFC. Shampoo is now dedicated to kill the girl side and marry the boy side. She is very open about having sex with Ranma. Her primary weapons are maracas. She leaves after Ranma reveals that he is both male and female Ranma, but tells her that his female side is the true Ranma.
  • Happosai (Fullmetalraz): Revealed at the end of episode 10, Happosai appears to be a demonic figure who has broken free from his imprisionment. This is all the current information on him as he has not appeared in an episode long enough to display character traits or any changes the Order may have made to his character.

Episode List[]

Season 1[]

Covers the first 18 episodes of the original anime.
Season 1 Playlist on Youtube

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - Pilot Sep 6, 2009
Episode 2 – Japanese Humor Good for the Soul Nov 18, 2009
Episode 3 – I’m A Physician DAMNIT! Jan 29, 2010
Episode 4 – A Challenger Appears…late May 1, 2010
Episode 5 – The Bacon Origins: Ryoga’s Obvious Secret Jun 20, 2010
Episode 6 – Psycho Gymnast, Qu’est-ce que c’est Sep 2, 2010
Episode 7 – Stick The Landing…THEN FINISH HER!!!! Dec 3, 2010
Episode 8 – Hell Hath No Fury Like an Amazonian Woman Scorned May 1, 2011
Episode 9 – Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Hair Jul 12, 2011
Episode 10 – Season Finale…Old Yeller Style! Sep 6, 2011

Season 2[]

Season 2 Playlist on Youtube

Episodes Air Date
Episode 11 – The Mighty Schmucks May 9, 2011
Episode 12 – Fails of Glory Oct 29, 2012
Episode 13 – Nyan Fu Feb 1, 2013
Episode 14 – Kung Fu Chibi (KFC) Dec 9, 2013
Episode 15 - Phoenix Down and Out Sep 22, 2014


Episodes Air Date
OVA Abridged: Reawakened Memories Jan 19, 2014


The opening song for the first season of the series is "Stronger" by Kanye West, and has received much praise on how well it is edited to the point where full length versions have been requested frequently. The Order of A.D.D also make things even crazier in the series from having the Super Smash Bros' franchise's Master Hand crash down on the scene, to having the flying car from Harry Potter fly in through a window. Due to the amount of nudity that the show has they either edit or censor it given the situation. If they are in the middle of a fight or are still clothed, they will make it look like they are still covered. If the character is naked, they block it out with an image such as the "awesome face." For the animal curses, the Order use voice modifiers to strengthen the difference between a character's curse form and normal form. Depending on the curse, the voice will be deeper (Example panda Genma) or higher (Example P-Chan). However, for any human curse form, the character's voice will simply be be normal (Example girl type Ranma). It is also worth mentioning, that though the animals can talk, Akane is too stupid to understand this (or at least P-Chan), as made apparent in episode 6.

September 2009: The Order posted their episode one titled "Pilot." In their first episode, they reveal that they have two new members, PygmyPuffPie, huge friends to most of the Order of A.D.D and has had a cameo in Shibien13's and Redbeast13's Abridged Series, and Bubblebibbit, a voice actress who has done work with The Fullmetal Forces Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged and The Lighthawk Forces Tenchi Muyo Abridged. They now just recently "allied" themselves with both abridged series'.

November 2009: A lot has happened for the Order of A.D.D in November. One of it being that they posted there second episode after two months of constant delays. The title of episode two is "Japanese Humor Good for the Soul." They also made there first 100 subscribers. Lastly they introduced another cast member by the name of Fullmetalraz. He is the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist Abridged and Co-creator of LightHawkForces Tenchi Muyo abridged. He will be playing Happosai in the show.

December 2009: The Order of A.D.D announced yet another member of the cast joining the show. The channel goes by the name of Cazbuster. She auditioned for the part of Kodachi by uploading a video of what her voice would sound like. The Order was quite impressed so they gave it to her. According to her page she has also been cast as Shampoo and Ukyo. They also posted a Christmas Special titled "Ryoga Saves Christmas." In it Ryoga is wandering around the North Pole and finds Santa frozen from frostbite. Ryoga delivers the presents on his behalf, though unwilling at first, finally returning to save Santa who flies off before Ryoga can ask for a ride. Redbeast13 played Ryoga, Shibien13 played Santa, the Narrator was played by Fullmetalraz, and the special was written by Ilovetoparty1.

January 2010: The Order of A.D.D posted their third episode titled "I'm a Phyisician DAMNIT!" In this episode, they show off Dr. Tofu and his craziness towards Kasumi, almost breaking Ranma's neck. It also revealed that Akane is very sensitive about her cankles. This episode also introduced Ranma's two friends, Hiroshi and Daisuke, are a gay couple.

April 2010: The Order of A.D.D uploaded an April fools video of a "Ranma Live Action Movie." While many took the trailer for fun, others mentioned the lack of romance that the show is known for and curses. Redbeast13 mentioned that he had a dead line to meet and that focusing on the action was easier to edit. While using video data from numerous kung fu movies, he used sound clips from the actual series.

May 2010: The Order of A.D.D posted their fourth episode titled "A Challenger Appears... late." Cazbuster appeared in her first episode playing Nabiki's two friends and the voice of a video game character in Dead or Alive. In the description they noted that it was not a cameo and that she is an actual member of the cast. This may have been done to prevent people asking for cameos. This episode also introduced Ryoga and had Akane have her hair cut off.

June 2010: The Order of A.D.D uploaded episode five, "Bacon Origins: Ryoga's Obvious Secret." They reveal Ryoga has been cursed to turn into a pig when splashed with cold water (a curse that was the fault of Ranma). Akane is given a new hair style and takes in the pig and names it P-Chan, unaware that it's Ryoga. The end of the episode previews the next episode which will feature Kodachi, voiced by Cazbuster. This episode also had a cameo by both Fullmetalraz (an official member) and Bullidom12 who both played butlers. This episode was the first episode where PygmyPuffPie has appeared since the first episode. The opening of this episode was also sped up for reasons of humor, because it sounded a lot like P-Chan.

July 2010: The Order of A.D.D has reached 300 subscribers. They hope to post a video thanking all of their fans.

August 2010: The Order of A.D.D uploaded a video thanking their fans for over 300 subs. In the video, footage from 300 is used to show Ranma (whose head is put on one of the Spartans) is attacking iHop employees. The video also showed off their brand new logo, which is Ranma in front of a yin & yang symbol. They also uploaded a video dedicated to onemanga.com being shut down due to copyright claims.

September 2010: The Order of A.D.D. posted their sixth episode, titled Psycho Gymnast, Qu'est-ce que c'est. This episode introduces Kodachi (voiced by Cazbuster), the crazy sister of Kuno. Ranma is also sporting a new, orange shirt, since Ryoga tore his red one. The opening was also returned to normal. This episode was also dedicated to SuperHyperConsoleBoy's grandmother who passed away. At the end of the episode, a TV reporter announced the police are now looking for the murderer of the butler from episode five. Even though they do not know it was Ranma, he can't help but be nervous.

October 2010: The Order of A.D.D. posted a video declaring that Shibien13, Redbeast13, Ranma2387, Ilovetoparty1, and SuperHyperConsoleBoy would be attending the NY comic con October 8-10. Shibien13 would cosplay as Kisuke Urahara, Ranma2387 as the Captain of Squad 13, Redbeast13 as an Akaski member, and SuperHyperConsoleBoy as the Joker and later an Akaski member. Ilovetoparty1 would not be in a costume. Redbeast13 recorded their trip and he will be upload it to Youtube when he can. They later posted a video saying that there has been a change in cast and that Cazbuster will be now playing Girl type Ranma, this is mainly due to them not wanting to over work Bubblebibbit while she still has her college work. They have also announced that Redbeast13 will work on the NY Comic Con video as soon as he is done with some school work. The biggest thing that they announced was there backup account which they suggest their fans to subscribe to in case anything happens. This was done after one off Redbeast13's videos was taken down due to copyright claims by Song Music.

December 2010: The Order of A.D.D posted episode 7, finishing the Kodachi arc. This episode was pushed back due to Girl Ranma being recast to Cazbuster due to Bubblebibbit becoming very busy. They also had a hard time getting the lines from a few other members. At the end of the episode Ranma has a nightmare about Shampoo finding him, a preview into the next episode. They say that this is their first year in college so they are still getting used to the college life. They were also able to release a Holiday Special titled The 12 Days of Ranma, calling it an epic fail. It has the crew sing each of the twelve days with something responding to each character; Kuno and women, Ryoga and bad directions. They were able to get it together at the last minute, causing a few voices to be below the usual quality, but yet there is no comment insulting the all around video or any dislikes on the video. They have begun to release videos of their time at the NY Comic Con. In the comments, a fan had questioned them about the idea of podcasts, something that the Order seems to be looking into.

January 2011: The Order of A.D.D released the rest of the video footage of there time at the Comic Con. This took around 5 parts and in it they met up with Ilovetoparty1 and SuperHyperConsoleBoy on different days.

February 2011: Kidkash612 left the Order of A.D.D. and his roles as Akane and Soun Tendo. At this time it is unknown who will be taking up the roles. The Order has also reached 500 subscribers and opened their own facebook profile.

March 2011: The Order of A.D.D has released a video with announcements being hosted by Redbeast13. He announced that Kidkash612 has quit the Order and is now arguing with current members, causing them to not be on good terms. He then announced that they now have a Facebook page with a link in the video and on their main page. He then told everyone how the episode is coming along, calling it their best episode yet and saying it will be worth the wait. Lastly he said how he and Shibien13 are hoping on going back to Anime Boston, to which he rechallenged Otakunick to who can get their convention video out first. A few days later Otakunick replied with conditions, the loser must plug the other's show, Otakunick plugging Rurouni Kensin X Abridged and Ranma 1/2 Abridged, and the Order of A.D.D plugging Otakunick's podcast.

April 2011: Shibien13 and Redbeast13 went to Anime Boston 2011. They lost their bet the Thursday of the con in a loop hole victory.

May 2011: Episode 8 was posted introducing Shampoo. A reference to Mousse was made and this was the first episode showing that SuperHyperConsoleBoy is now playing Soun and PygmyPuffPie is now playing Akane. At the end of the episode the Order made good on their promise to plug Nick's Otaku Home Podcast by making a bit of a joke about how Shibien13 wanted to leave on Friday. A link to the podcast was posted in the description: http://nicksotakuhome.blogspot.com/

July 2011: Episode 9 aired on the channel. The episode had more ambient music then previously used, including fight music and mood music. The episode also revolved around a L.A. Noire theme as Ranma appears to have some detective skills. This L.A. Noire theme fits seeing as Akane looses her memories and Ranma interrogates Ryoga.

Septmeber 2011: Episode 10 aired on the channel. This episode concluded the Shampoo Arc as well as the 1rst season. The episode had Ranma reveal his two sides to Shampoo but lied and said that it was his girl side that was the real Ranma. As a result Shampoo ran away, not to be seen again until season 2. The episode ends with a sneak peek at season 2, showing Happosai being released, voiced by Fullmetalraz who has only done small parts and cameos until that point. Episode 10 also has a great deal of character developement. Ranma begins to talk back to Akane instead of standing and taking her punishments. Akane seemed to have gained a small level of respect towards Ranma. And Kuno has the ability to poses those who are in need of his sexual expertiece. This episode is the Order's best so far, having the best voice acting so far, great jokes, and the greatest editing of any of there past episodes. Soon after the epsiode was posted the Order of A.D.D started releasing Bloopers. Kidkash612 has not been shown in the bloopers because the Order feels that even though they credited him in the last episode as the original voice or Akane ad Soun, they didn't want to insult him by showing him messing up on lines when he is no longer a part of the team.

Octorber 2011: It has been announced that episode 11 has been scripted. Though editing has not begun yet the Order is already excited for the episode. This will be the first episode of season 2. The Order of A.D.D has announced on their Facebook page that Shibien13 and Redbeast13 have joined NeoToonami as a writer and editor respectively. NeoToonami is a fanbased project attempting to revive the fans of the popular cartoon time block, Toonami. Toonami was many people gateway into the world of anime and often showed American animation. The time block was dropped due to poor ratings (though numerious rumors about the details remain).

November 2011: Shibien13 give an update video regarding the next episode, the upcoming Ranma 1/2 Live Action Special, and information about a petition intending to revive the Ranma 1/2 anime. The Order also us this as a chance to test out a new green screen, which they state they will use in live action videos to come eventually. Shibien13 also offically introduces the Order's newest memeber, Hippiechick10001, who will be playing Ukyo in the Ranma abridged. Shibien13 also states how the live action movie mean people can finally stop leaving hate messages on their fake April fools trailer. He brings this up, because some of these angry comments have gotten out of control and some are even uncalled for. Shibien13 expresses hope for the return of Ranma 1/2 anime, stating other animes have been given the chance to return, such as Slayers, Full Metal Alchemist, and even one of Rumico Takahashi's other works, InuYasha.

December 2011: The Order of ADD released a fake episode to get people's attention, but it was really a trick to in form people of the threat of SOPA. The video was later renamed due to complaints. The Order gained suppore from a number of fans ready to fight the SOPA bill. The Order of ADD also uploaded a Holiday special were Ranma began to sing, but started yelling at everyone for making him sing and stormed off. Ryoga then came on wishing everyone a happy holidays and left saying he was going to beat up Ranma for this. This was a joke at Ranma2387, who sang during their previous holiday special and openly admits he is not a good singer. The video was done in Flash animation, so the characters colors and animation was tweeked to better fit the holiday.

Februrary 2012: As of Februrary 12 2012, the Order of A.D.D hit 1,000 subscribers.