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Ranma 1/2 Seriously Abridged
Ranma 1-2 Seriously Abridged Title




08/20/2010 - present





Ranma 1/2:

Super Saiyan Ranma by Saiyajin Ranma

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Seriously Abridged was an abridged parody of the anime Ranma 1/2. It was created by the LegionofRedHeads, consisting of 6SeptaG - The Abridging Agent, TheBlueHairedCyborg & AlchemicWaking. Both 6SeptaG & TheBlueHairCyborg are also the co-writers for the series. The series was edited by PowerpuffOldandZfan.

Cast & Crew[]

Ranma 1-2 Seriously Abridged Drawing by PowerpuffOldandZfan

This picture was drawn by the editor of Ranma 1/2 Seriously Abridged, PowerpuffOldandZfan. Spider-Man characters are next to the Ranma characters because, as said by The6SeptaG, Ranma is the anime version of Spider-Man

  • The6SeptaG - Co-Creator, Co-Writer, Ranma Saotome, Genma Saotome, Kuno and The Narrator
  • TheBlueHairedCyborg - Co-Creator, Co-Writer, Hiroshi and Daisuke, Principal Kuno
  • DearLillith09 - Ranma-Chan, Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung
  • AlchemicWaking - Akane Tendo
  • JadeTheFireFox - Nabiki Tendo, Kodachi Kun
  • DriatanVA - Kasumi Tendo, Asusa Shiratori
  • xAimiHimex - Shampoo, Cologne, Tsubasa Kurenai
  • Jpace92 - Mousse, Mikado Sanzenin, Pantyhose Taro
  • purplemokona101 - Ukyo Kuonji
  • DigiMega351 - Soun Tendo, Jusenkyo Guide
  • 1989Techie - Dr. Tofu, Sasuke Sarugakure
  • PowerpuffOldandZfan - Editor

Previous Cast Members[]

  • karatekyoushinlover - Ranma-chan
  • FlameLOLZ - Nabiki Tendo
  • KyoriTsuki - Kasumi Tendo


Episode 1: What the Freaking Dyke?!

Episode 2: Mouth Hygiene is always a Plus!

Episode 3: The Rise and Fall of Hair Grease.

Cameos in Episodes[]

Episode 1: None

Episode 2: mattroks101, Chommper17, ToshikiNightfox, Harusoul1, kitsune112, KittyKyun, Mr666gothica & sydsnap

Episode 3: KaggyVA, MastervoiceXD, CrasherSurge and Daaro7


  • The first episode of Ranma 1/2: Seriously Abridged featured two different voice actresses in it. The role for Ranma-Chan was originally provided by karatekyokushinlover and the role for Kasumi was originally provided by KyoriTsuki. Though, due to change arounds and a difference in quality, they were let go from the project.
  • The second episode has actually turned out better the first episode due to the first episode's pacing.
  • Production of the first episode of Ranma 1/2: Seriously Abridged had been on a one-year pause due to the original editor being inable to send in the work for the original episode. The role of editor was eventually given to PowerpuffOldandZfan.
  • Spider-Man jokes have been made through each episode of the series due to Ranma being the "Japanese Version of Peter Parker". The intro of each episode is the theme to Spider-Man the Animated Series. In episode 2, a teacher quotes that Ranma is a Spider-Man fanboy due to him wearing a red shirt & blue pants.
  • The voice of Kuno is in the style of John Travolta.