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Dec 25, 2010 - Dec 28, 2011

Intro song

American Bang - Wild & Young

Outro song

The Virgins - Hey Hey Girl


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RE: Code Geass Abridged was created by Unfogivenronin on March 31, 2010, when he put up the first of four trailers for his abridged series. The first trailer said that the first episode was suppose to come out by July, but was Delayed till Christmas 2010. According to his blog, the delay was due to his external drive dying at the worst moment.1

Two episode has came out: the first is a brief history of the Code Geass Universe.

  • According to the history, Brittanian victory was thanks to Godzilla who attacked months before,
  • According to C.C., Japan has since became a hell hole.

Episode 1 came out on December 28, 2011, with mixed reaction

  • The episode was praised for its jokes, editing and music, but was criticized for its pacing and underwhelming voice acting

On January 15, 2012, UnforgivenRonin decided to quit voice acting and work on the editing. He also stated a huge rewrite of the series and is redoing all his code geass episodes.

On May 19, 2013, UnforgivenRonin made his voice acting returned and officially retired his Code Geass abridged series.


  • Unfogivenronin - DJ Ronin, Old Man, Princess Clovis, Suzaku
  • RosalindaRealVA (later changing accounts to CeciiVA) - Narrator, C.C.
  • AMTRAX91- Emperor Charles, Military Announcer, Yes Man
  • Wienkmaster - News Person, Japan Prime minister, Pilots
  • Chaosghost- Lelouch
  • diceroll90 - Bartley, Diethard
  • christop17- German Commander
  • Mandrakara- Vileta
  • CTAMV15 - Kallen
  • B4BYD0V3 - Maid, Shirley
  • Rielacane'- Cecile, News Woman 1
  • Tamao108- News Woman 2
  • DarkIceDubs - Lloyd
  • DustinEdwardDorsey - Rivary
  • Ecwecwecw1 - Narita
  • gggllllll- Random Pilots
  • CPrower10 - Rich Man


Episodes Air Date
Mission #0 - In the Beginning... Dec 25, 2010
Mission #1 - The Awakening Dec 28, 2011


  • Broken Dreams - Shaman's Harvest (1st Trailer)
  • Change Me - Trae Vedder (Death on Two wheels) (3rd Trailer)
  • WWE Promo Music - Short Love Story (Final Trailer)
  • TobyMac - Show Stopper (Final Trailer)
  • WWE Promo Music - Fall From Grace (Episode Zero)
  • Godzilla Theme (Episode Zero)
  • Randy Orton's 2nd Theme (Episode Zero)
  • WWE Promo Music - Victory Quest (Episode Zero)
  • Paramore - Emergency (Screamo Version) (Episode Zero)
  • Eyes Sets To Kill - The Escape (Code Geass Gaiden: Bokoku no Akito fan Trailer)
  • Code Geass OST (Promo for Episode 1)
  • ​3 Doors Down - When You were Young (Promo For Episode 1)
  • Punch Out Theme (Promo for Episode 1)
  • Placebo - Running up that Hill (promo for Episode 1)
  • American Bang - Wild and Young (Current Intro Song)
  • DJ Earthworm - Summer 2011 Remix (EP.1)
  • Mercy Drive - Burn in my Light (EP.1)
  • Wild and Young by American Bang (EP.1)
  • DJ Earworm Summer 2011 Remix (EP.1)
  • Burn in My Light by Mercy Drive (EP.1)
  • Make A Move By Icon for Hire (EP.1)
  • Aerial by Vitamin String Quartet (EP.1)
  • Misery Business Remix by Vitamin String Quartet (EP.1)
  • Icon For Hire - Get Well (trailer 2 for Code Geass GAIDEN)
  • Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Song (RE: Code Geass Movie Trailer)
  • The Virgins - Hey hey Girl (RE: Code Geass Movie Trailer)