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Queen's Blade Abridged
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Created by Pzykosiz
Cast Pzykosiz

Cassondra Nora Eileen/DiceDracul
Fantastic Jtastic
The Cake Devil

Run 2nd Nov 2018 -
Episodes 4
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Queen's Blade Abridged is a series by Pzykosiz, and a parody of the Queen's Blade series. It is the fourth series Pzykosiz has parodied. It would have been the third, however OreimoVA started the Abridging World championship, and Queen's Blade Abridged was going to take far too much time to finish, hence Keijoke!!!!!!!! was created


The inspiration for the series came from the fact that there didn't seem to be any abridged series of any anime that started with the letter Q. The fact that there isn't many to begin with limited the options quite substantially. Queen's Blade was the only one Pzykosiz knew anything about, so he went from there


Production was slower than normal, being that the script ended up being more than twice as long as any other series Pzykosiz had attempted. He swears he will never do anything that long again. After recruiting a couple of people through discord (DeWarioFreak, ParaDax), auditions opened up on Casting Call for the rest of the characters. Pzykosiz had already taken Risty for himself, but ended up doing Tomoe as well, after being unable to get hold of the originally cast actress.


  • Leina Vance - ElusiveMai (Ep1-3) spiritkitten (Ep4-)

Leina is the main heroine of the story and known as the Wandering Warrior. She is the daughter of Count Vance, who is trying to force her to get married to some rich noble against her wishes, so she attempts to escape. In this series, she is quite bitter towards everyone because they keep getting in her way

  • Melona - Cassondra Nora Eileen/DiceDracul (Ep1-3) spiritkitten (Ep4-)

Melona is a slime monster that works for the Swamp Witch, and known as the Protean Assassin. She is pretty sadistic and uncaring towards humans, and is a competent killer

Risty is a thief and mercenary, and predominantly after money to help an orphanage that she lived in. She is known as the Benevolent Bandit of the Wild. In this version she is a lot less benevolent.

Claudette is the adopted daughter of Count Vance, and known as the Thundercloud General, due to her being able to summon lightning. She commands the guards of Vance household. This version, she is pretty dopey but generous

Elina is a stupid bitch and I hope she dies horribly.

Tomoe is the strongest Warrior Priestess from the land of Hinomoto. She enters the tournament to stop the corruption in her homeland. In this version, she is very short tempered not particularly sociable

  • Shizuka - Janachur (Ep1-)

Shizuka is a friend of Tomoe's formerly from the Assassin's of the Fang. She assist Tomoe in her attempt at the Queen's Blade Tournament. Is this version she is quite perverted and sassy

Seductive bounty hunter that takes a liking to Leina Vance

  • Nanael - The Cake Devil (Ep2-)

Annoying angel that follows the plot around, and was supposed to be broadcasting fights. Vaguely based on Wheatley from Portal 2

  • Menace - StephanoTheDuck (Ep3-)

Bratty entitled princess. Attempts to enslave people to worship her

  • Setora - devilkicksanji (Ep3-)

Menace's servant. A Magical talking staff

Ghostly maid who serves the Swamp Witch

  • Alleyne - Avni_Xaxa (Ep4-)

One of a pair of Elf girls running a sketchy brothel

The other elf in the pair

  • Hachiel - devilkicksanji (Ep4-)

Nanael's slightly more responsible friend

  • Priestess Guards - ParaDax (Ep1)

The typical dumb guy/angry guy combination that shows up in a lot of different ways.

Hired by the rulers of Hinomoto to destroy the warrior priestesses

  • Narrator - ParaDax (Ep1)

Strings the 2 stories together

  • Head Angel - BloodNDeception (Ep4-)

Network boss of PornSphere


  • Opening Song - "Way To Go" - The Rogue Traders
  • Murder Scene (Ep1) - "Stuck In The Middle" - Stealers Wheel
  • Ending Theme (Ep1) - "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers" - Disney
  • Ending Theme (Ep2) - "Falling" - Candice Alley
  • Ending Theme (Ep3) - "Walk Like An Egyptian" - The Bangles
  • Ending Theme (Ep4) - "Pictures" - Sneaky Sound System

Episode list[]

Thumbnail Episodes Air Date
QBA Thumbnail

Queen's Blade Abridged thumbnail

Queen's Blade Abridged Ep 1 - Steal Armour 2nd Nov 2018

Queen's Blade Abridged Episode 2 thumbnail

Queen's Blade Abridged Ep 2 - Pocket Change 24th Aug 2019

Queen's Blade Abridged Episode 3 thumbnail

Queen's Blade Abridged Ep 3 - Walk Like An Amaran 22nd Dec 2019
Ep4 Thumbnail

Queen's Blade Abridged Episode 4 thumbnail

Queen's Blade Abridged Ep 4 - onlyScams 5th Jan 2022


  • Justkyledavid had originally been cast as Shizuka, but got busy with other stuff and was unable to do it
  • Jenna Long (jva25) was originally cast for Tomoe, but Pzykosiz was unable to get hold of her, so ended up doing the lines himself
  • The ending theme was thought up at the last minute, as it felt like it needed something to finish it off
  • This is the first series Pzykosiz has made with a proper opening song
  • The censor bar is the head of Setora, the staff that Menace carries around
  • Episode 3 was blocked by the Youtube copyright bots, so it's only available on Bitchute