Name pzykosiz
Specializes in Writing, Editing
Age 31
Location Australia
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pzykosiz is the abridger known for the series Accelerated MINT, MaidZ, Keijoke!!!!!!!! and Queen's Blade Abridged, and also more so for running the Abridged Archive.

Parody Projects[edit | edit source]

Other Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Abridged Archive, a large archive of Abridged Series created after an influx of takedowns by Youtube
  • A to Z Abridging, a compilation series to promote other series, going from A to Z, under the channel Abridged Anime

Credits[edit | edit source]

Editor[edit | edit source]

Voices[edit | edit source]

  • Araya - Accelerated MINT
  • Announcer - Keijoke!!!!!!!!
  • Nozomi - Keijoke!!!!!!!!
  • Hanabe - Keijoke!!!!!!!!
  • Rin - Keijoke!!!!!!!!
  • Muramachi - Keijoke!!!!!!!!
  • Midori - Keijoke!!!!!!!!
  • Tae - Keijoke!!!!!!!!
  • Maya - Keijoke!!!!!!!!
  • Risty - Queen's Blade Abridged
  • Tomoe - Queen's Blade Abridged
  • Ninja 1 - Queen's Blade Abridged
  • Ninja Leader - Queen's Blade Abridged
  • Yuniko - Accelerated MINT
  • Atomic Samurai - Detective Emperor
  • King - Detective Emperor
  • Asato - Accelerated MINT
  • Mana - Accelerated MINT
  • Nomi - Accelerated MINT

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike most abridgers who take inspiration from Team Four Star or LittleKuriboh, Pzykosiz takes more inspiration from MENT style creators such as The Schmuck Squad, PurpleEyesWTF, and MyToasterIsRetarded (ReL)
  • Pzykosiz's first video editing experience was making short AMV's for the AMVHell Mini Challenge's, the first one being in Episode 25.
  • Pzykosiz's works by the theory that parody's should be mainly about the humour, not the editing quality. Hence, the work deliberately looks half-assed. Some series look and feel far too pretentious, and lose the effect of being a parody
  • Pzykosiz is also an admin and major editor of this wiki
  • He also hides a lot of information just out of sight on his pages
  • Once appeared in a The Schmuck Squad video. It was an update video for Problem Children Abridged 3 where they had a screenshot of a bunch of tweets asking for the episode but it totally still counts
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