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Ryan Nicks, better known as "PurpleEyesWTF" or "Purps" among his peers, is the creator of projects such as Code MENT, a parody of Code Geass, Soul Whatever, a parody of Soul Eater, and None Piece, a parody of One Piece. His current abridged status is "retired".

Code MENT[]

PurpleEyes started in 2009 with his original Code Geass Abridgement. After the production of episode 6 he revised his series and started from scratch, changing the name to just "Code MENT". He took down his old series, but left up the old version of episode 6. He made 16 episodes of Code MENT, not counting the alternate versions he made of episodes 5, 10, 11, and 13. 

None Piece[]

In January of 2011, he started abridging the anime One Piece, dubbing his abridged series "None Piece". None Piece proceeded to become very popular and caught the eye of LittleKuriboh, who made a guest appearance in the third episode of the series. The series has become very popular with the first episode reaching 2 million views. This is also a parody series rather then a normal abridgment as shown by the fact its plot is different from the actual One Piece manga/anime.

Soul Whatever[]

Only 3 episodes of Soul Whatever were made: Soul Whatever: Documentary uploaded November 28 of 2012, Soul Whatever: Third Earth uploaded April 10 2014, and Soul Whatever: Fixed uploaded May 18 of 2015.

The Crossover(s)[]

In April of 2012, PurpleEyes held a Hunger Games battle between the characters of None Piece and Code MENT, in which all the characters but Nami died in idiotic ways. At the end of October 2012, PurpleEyes made a crossover episode of his three series, called "None Piece - Episode 5-7". He called it a fanfic and excluded it from the storylines he was creating with any series. However, elements from it have been referenced in various episodes.

Single-Episode Projects[]

In addition to his biggest projects above, he released the single-episode project named Pokemans: The Adventure as a fake abridged series premiere on April Fool's Day. He has also released an animated parody of Attack on Titan, called "Titan Attack". On 25th of August 2017, he uploaded a One Punch Man parody known as "One Punch Stan." His last single-episode project, named "Digimanz: The Adventure Too" and released on February 29, 2020, was announced to be his last project before his retirement. A month later on April 1st, he uploaded a video named "Digimanz: The Exact Same Video But With Changes So Great You'll Hardly Notice" which is presumably his actual final project.


In May of 2011, PurpleEyesWTF and LittleKuriboh collaborated to create "Pirates and/or Ninjas", which combined elements from LittleKuriboh's Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show and Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, and Purps's Code MENT and None Piece. In late 2014, Purps and Faulerro worked together to produce "The Pursuit of Happiness", a video that combined the universes of Purps's Code MENT, None Piece, and Soul Whatever, and Faulerro's Nullmetal Alchemist and Danganronpa Abridged Thing

Code MENT Special Episodes[]

In 2010 Purps uploaded a video titled "Episode 6", which was episode 6 of his original Code Geass Abridgement. In the description of the video he states that the new episode 6 is better. In the video "HD Origins", Suzaku attempts to explain the creation of HD to Lelouch and ends up making many illogical statements, none of which are accurate, with Jeremiah interrupting later. In "Halloween Rules-Code Ment"  Lelouch explains the rules of halloween to Suzaku, but they are rules Lelouch has made up. In "Code Ment PSA-TAC", Jeremiah tells Suzaku and Lelouch what the TAC's are. In "Word at the top (Oh wait, now it's bottom…great job new youtube…GREAT. JOB.) of the video.", Lelouch tells Suzaku about a new series, "Serbian Film Abridged", only for it to turn out to be an elaborate advertisement for Purps's then-upcoming appearance in the SMA Panel of 2011. In the five second video "An introspective look at the dynamic between 0:06 videos and giving minimal information", Suzaku asks Lelouch if he wants to go to a convention. Lelouch loudly voices his opposition.

Other Special Episodes[]

In "None Piece - The AMV", a song plays over a picture of Luffy for nearly five minutes. The only movement is when Luffy moves his left eye to the left, where it remains for the rest of the AMV. In "Dessert Bus 2012!", Soul promotes the Desert Bus website and announces the reworking of Episode 5 of None Piece to a man grabbing him by the collar. In "None Piece - Episode 8", the events of the actual eighth episode of None Piece are summarized rapidly. A bird then explodes.

Disappearance & Current Status[]

On February 28th, 2020 at 2:39 PM EST via Twitter , it was announced that PurpleEyes was retiring after his last video to be posted the next day.


  • PurpleEyes had his cousin voice Suzaku in the original version of CodeMENT.
  • PurpleEyes' career is said to be a surgeon.
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