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March 23rd, 2014 - present (ongoing)

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Project Voicebend (Legend of Korra Abridged) is an abridged series created by Project Voicebend (or "PVB") that premiered in 2014 and is based on Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra TV series. The episodes were primarily available to watch on their Youtube channel; however, due to unfounded copyright strikes, most of the episodes are only available via their Vimeo channel.

This abridged series is a parody of the original show that takes liberties with the script/characters/plot (at times warping what happens in canon entirely for comedic effect or to lighten up an otherwise dark topic) and occasionally pokes fun at the fandom in general.


bold = main/recurring character
Cast Member Characters
2019icon kayla
Korra, Ikki, Desna, Toph Beifong, Pabu squeaks, "Mike", (various voices)
2019icon hayley
Asami, Lin Beifong, Eska, Shiro Shinobi, Jinora, Pema, Senna, Council Page, "Bryan", (various voices)
2019icon joel
Tenzin, Tarrlok, Varrick, Sokka, Lieutenant, Viper, Toza, Slim Shady Shin, Butaka, (various voices)
2019icon sam
Mako (M'Lil), Katara, Yakone, Tonraq (Book 1), Lightning Bolt Zolt, (various voices)
2019icon dan
Bolin, Meelo, Aang, Hiroshi Sato, White Lotus Member, "Pabu", (various voices)
2019icon david
Amon, Tonraq (Book 2), Saikhan, Tahno, Equalist Protester, (various voices)
2019icon alex
Unalaq, Bumi, (various voices)
2019icon juliette
Kya, Zhu Li, Ginger (various voices)

Main Characters[]


PVB Sassy Korra

"You guys NEED to teach me those moves, I am FREAKING out down there!"

Despite all of her faults, Korra is probably the most normal person in Republic City. She tends to be more blunt and sarcastic (and less friendly) than her canon counterpart and, because of this, can sometimes come off as a jerkass-- but a lovable one. Because of her limited education growing up due to the White Lotus's negligence, she is extremely naive about certain things (like how money works or what "Whoopee" is exactly) and this tends to get her into trouble. She also doesn't seem to notice or catch onto Asami's over-the-top affections because of said naivety.

PVB Korra is an asshole


Based on her reactions to violence of any kind, she seems to be sexually turned on by fighting-- even if she doesn't fully realize this herself-- and will go into an almost trance-like state accompanied by overexcited shouts and grunts when confronted by a good fight. In canon, Korra enjoys fighting, but in this series, Korra gets off on it, and is much more violent. She *will* beat the hell out of people if given the chance.

PVB Korrasami Boner Joke

In the second season, Korra becomes more of a jerkass like she does in canon (Thanks Bryke!) and has a horrible judgement of character. One thing to look forward to, though, is what could happen later in the series. At the beginning of the series, Korra becomes so turned on by violence that the "BONER" joke appears twice. The creators said in their first rewatch that while this was going to be a running gag, it never really took off. It was then mentioned that "BONER" could come back one more time for when "Korra finally sees Asami in that light … They both get boners and that's the end." Whether or not this will happen in PVB, it *technically* is canon already.



Mako in the fake mustache disguise Asami made him wear on their first date

Mako ("M'Lil") is infamous throughout Republic City as a failed rapper and an embarrassment in general, but he doesn't let this affect him and continues to release his awful music onto the world, even though said world is practically begging him to stop. Mako's everyday speech essentially derives from the lyrics of canon Mako's voice actor, David Faustino's (D'lil's) rap "I Told Ya", which was used in the second episode to introduce the failed rapper.

He raised his brother after their parents died when they were young, just like in the show. However, he seems to regard his brother as more of a son, often referring to him as "my child" or "my baby" and not correcting Bolin when he sometimes calls him "Mom" or "Mom-ko".

PVB Titanic Makorra

M'Lil has had several mentions of his horrible music in the series, and the creators even made full versions of "Makolicious", "I Told Ya", and M'Lil's Christmas Jamz Commercial. Mako seems to get all the ladies because of his "sexy-ass body" but can't keep them probably because no one wants to listen to his funky fresh beats. This is the driving force of Korra and Mako's breakup, as he sells her out so his Soundcloud can be promoted by Raiko. Similarly, Asami doesn't actually want to date Mako because of his failed rapper status and is only using him to get closer to Korra.

M'Lil's Music[]



  • "Mako Loves You"
  • "Whoomp There She Is"
  • "Korra Til' the Break of Dawn"


M'Lil's Christmas Jamz

  • "Jingle Bell Rap"
  • "All I Want for Christmas is my Scarf"
  • "It's the Most Makolicious Time of the Year"
  • "Salami Baby"
  • "Have a Hizzy Tizzy Christmas"
  • "My Parents Got Run Over by a Firebender"

Asami Sato[]


The walking embodiment of fanservice

Extremely eccentric and over-the-top at times, Asami has a huge crush on Avatar Korra, which she makes almost no good attempt to hide to the obliviousness of everyone else. She is shown to be willing to do anything to get what she wants and even risks her reputation to date a very unaware M'lil for the sole purpose of getting closer to Korra. For obvious reasons, she doesn't react well to hearing about or seeing Korra making moves on Mako. Between Books 1 and 2, she goes through therapy to move onto more adult business-y things, but it's pretty ineffective as she very much still has very strong -- borderline stalkerish and Yandere-like -- feelings for Korra.

PVB Asami wuz here

"I've literally been here the whole time"

She is as good with mechanics and vehicles as she is in the original series, but much like Korra+violence, she gets sexually turned on by automobiles and mechanical things. Her voice will occasionally lapse into a ridiculously deep and manly tone, and this seems to happen more often when she's worked up or excited about something. She also has seats that vibrate in all of her methods of transport. Although she has her eccentricities, Asami is more level-headed and reasonable than other characters... as long as Korra and her hot bod aren't on her mind.

In canon Book 2, Asami is almost never there and kind of just disappears when she's not being used as a plot device :( Unlike her canon counterpart, Asami is in every Book 2 episode so far and has been there the whole time, even in episodes where she's not even in the original animation, as she was added in by the creators. This becomes a running joke in the series, as every time Asami is next to someone, they have no idea where she came from or how long she's been there.



Bolin is naive and childish as in canon, though in the series, it's highly exaggerated. Even though he is sixteen in Book One, he lacks knowledge of several adult topics due to being overly sheltered (though not to the extent of Korra's lack of book smarts, but he still doesn't know much about "gravy" or anything really related to sex); because of this, he often turns to Mako for advice, despite it being rather questionable. His childishness is emphasized by a shrill, higher-pitched voice (the "Cute but Cacophonic" trope), although when he plays with Pabu, he speaks for him in a normal-sounding voice.

After the death of his parents, Bolin was practically raised on the streets by Mako. However, because of Mako's overly motherly tendencies during this time, he tends to think of him more like his actual mother, often calling him "Mom" with no correction from Mako. Bolin, like everyone else, is tired of Mako's attempts at a rap career. While he does tend to join in with one of his M'lil spurts occasionally (mostly against his will), he has stated that he deals with his brother by tuning him out, which he has gotten used to after a while.

According to Amon, Bolin is lacking in something called "A Character Development", so until said development happens, there is not much else to him as of yet.


PVB Spray bottle Tenzin

"Korra, no. [Sprays] We need to protect my family. By NOT fighting."

A little less wise, patient, and calm than his canon counterpart, Tenzin is Korra's reluctant airbending teacher. He occasionally serves as an Only Sane Man foil to other characters, though this also tends to be reversed to emphasize his different traits for comedic effect.

Like Mako in his relationship with Asami, Tenzin can never seem to remember Pema's name despite being married to her with children, even sometimes forgetting who she is altogether. However, the two still seem to have fun during their very loud Whoopee Nights. His relationship with Korra has also been changed from being her caring, fatherly mentor in canon to her begrudging babysitter who only seems to look after her to avoid destruction or getting in trouble.

Lin Beifong[]

PVB Hi di ho BITCH


Lin is the Chief of Police in Republic City's Police Department, as in canon. However, while she is fairly competent at her job, she is a confusing and loud Talkative Loon with alcoholic tendencies. Speaking in an odd combination of American slang from past decades, it's often hard for people to understand her as she goes on tangents, especially Tenzin. This has been presumably because she appears constantly drunk, but as shown in episode 9's flashback, it seems to have also originated from her mother, Toph Beifong, who spoke in a very similar manner. Along with this, Lin is almost always shouting, which not only confuses those around her, but may scare them as well.

PVB Lin Hotsie Totsie

"Does Johnson wanna get hotsy totsy with my hotsy botsy? Mmm... [gross noises]"

Tenzin used to date Lin when they were younger. But, she apparently hasn't gotten past this, as evidenced by her attempts to lewdly flirt with him (often referring to Tenzin's "Johnson"), which Tenzin does not reciprocate. Unlike her interactions with Tenzin, Lin's relationship with Korra is somewhat closer to canon; she aggressively dislikes Korra at first but grows to tolerate her more with time. This doesn't necessarily mean they have any sort of friendship, even though Korra thinks so.

Recurring Characters[]

Air Family[]




As Tenzin's wife and mother to the next generation of airbenders, Pema is just the pregnant chick in the show and hasn't received a bigger role yet. A loving and kind mother in canon, Pema is portrayed very differently in this series. Tenzin uses Pema as a means to have more airbenders in the world and cannot remember her name, much like Mako can't remember Asami's name when they are together. This is an obvious source of frustration for Pema, as she knows she's there to make more kids. Along with this, Pema doesn't know how many children she has and doesn't seem to particularly care for them, either.



Like the original series, Jinora is the oldest and most responsible of her siblings. She is perhaps the most sane out of the three of them and is just as book smart as in canon. Although, Jinora has been called an "airbending Hermione" in episode 2, cementing her as an Expy complete with a British accent and a reference to the "Wingardium Leviosa" spell in Harry Potter. Since the creators grew to dislike this joke over time, this has been poked fun at through self-depreciating jokes in which Jinora has called it "stupid".

In Book 2, Jinora becomes spiritually aware, even more than Tenzin. Because she's apparently just good at everything, and doesn't suck like Tenzin, she leads Korra into the Spirit World. Unfortunately, the little nerd didn't wake up and we are left on this cliffhanger until episode 23/24 comes out.


PVB Ikki´s new family

The middle child of the airfamily, Ikki is even louder and more hyperactive than in canon. She tends to talk very fast-paced and get into screaming matches, often for fun. But, Pema has her take Adderall in an effort to calm her down a bit. Much like her canon counterpart in Book 1, she is very perky and happy. In the one episode of Book 2 where she actually did anything, though, she gets high as ball and runs away because she thinks that the airfamily sucks and starts a new family with some Sky Bison, and eventually kills them, thus revealing her darker nature.


PVB Meelo Screaming 1

Meelo is the youngest of the airfamily (second-youngest as of episode 10). He is extremely energetic and loud to the point where all his statements are unintelligible screaming or babbling in a manner similar to Donnie from The Wild Thornberries. Luckily, "subtitles" are provided for him for comedic effect. Like his canon counterpart, he enjoys letting out powerful farts, much to the disgust of everyone else. For instance, he gets thrown off a cliff by the Krew for farting on their hands in episode 8.


PVB Rohan


Rohan is the newest member of the airfamily (as of episode 10). Unlike his canon counterpart, Rohan's head is that of a babydoll's head and is fresh out of the womb with a deep voice.


PVB Moist

"That made me moist"

A waterbending master and healer, Katara served as Korra's waterbending teacher during her time in the South Pole. Despite her old age, she is very lewd with little to no filter. Katra's most infamous line (citywide and to the fans) is "That made me moist", which circulated so much that the word "moist" was eventually removed from the dictionary and banned from general conversation. The last we see of our moist queen (for now) is in Book 2, where she kicks her kids out of her house and straight up slingshots herself to space or somewhere using a ferris wheel.




Aang preaches even more against violence than in canon and still possesses very child-like qualities and mannerisms even as an adult. His voice also reflects him as a manchild, as it is like an annoying 12-year-old boy is talking. Aang doesn't really tell Korra shit, though after she loses her bending and has delusions of a broken fourth wall, he gives back her bending to shut her up about plot holes in the show.


While canon Avatar Roku does speak to Aang on numerous occasions and barely speaks to Korra once, PVB Roku does not communicate using regular everyday speech. Instead, he communicates in dolphin laughs.


PVB Two Boss-ass Bitches

Like canon, Kyoshi is still a badass bitch, even if she's only seen twice in the series. In the begging title sequence of the first episode, she screams "YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG BITCH." Don't mess with Kyoshi. Unlike canon, though, she has a very shrill voice.


Probably the most irrelevant of the named Avatars, Kuruk is only seen once in the mental Skype call in Korra's mind. Not much is known about him, and that's because we have a better Water Tribe Avatar; our goddess, Korra.


Wan is the first Avatar.

Book 1[]


PVB Amon's revelation has begun

"My fabulous revolution has -- after 5.5 episodes of waiting -- BEGUN."

The main antagonist of Book One. Amon is one of the only people in the city to be fully aware of the narrative and the conception of everyone as a cartoon. He believes in a mystical being called "Bryke" (or Avatar creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino) who controls the actions of every person and thing as part of a story. Through his revolution in Republic City, Amon has set out to break the fourth wall to make everyone aware of Bryke's existence by using his ability to "mind-bend". He also wants to use this to take away the city's bending, though this is secondary to his fourth wall plan, which has been pointed out by Korra and extras several times. Amon also has a tendency to crack lame puns (as an homage to the Comedian Amon meme), but no one thinks he's funny.


PVB Tarrlok Hooligan-ing it up

Tarrlok "hooligan-ing it up" with his BFF Korra

Nancy-boy Tarrlok, like his canon counterpart, is a chairman in the United Republic Council with ulterior motives. However, unlike in canon, he is a flamboyant manchild whose main goal is to be cool and have friends at any cost. He had wanted this as a child as well, but as explained by Tarrlok in episode 9, his father Yakone had always shot his dreams down and called him a nerd.

PVB Tarrlok's Cool Kids Club w background

Tarrlok is the founder of "Tarrlok's Cool Kids Club", which began as a task force but quickly escalated into a club of friendship. He has a "clubhouse" in the form of a cabin in the middle of nowhere, where he had bloodbent and kept Korra locked in a metal box to force her to be his best friend forever. He has a strong dislike for the Equalists, even going so far as to arrest non-benders under the belief that they were having an Equalist rave without him.

Hiroshi Sato[]

Hiroshi is the father of Asami Sato and the founder of Future Industries. He is also affiliated with the Equalists, helping create their weaponry while simultaneously lusting after Amon. He's got a thing for Amon's Johnson. His voice is similar to that of George Takei.

Shiro Shinobi[]


Shiro Shinobi is a radio broadcaster and the begrudging commentator for probending matches. While quite similar to his canon counterpart, he also tends to make remarks during his commentary about how much he hates his job, often losing bets on who the winners of the matches would be.


Lieutenant is an illiterate punk. His voice is so deep that it is hard to understand his sometimes. Like in canon he is always at Amon's side, though in this version they are sharing the bed, too ;) (who knows it could also be canon). He is always trying to sell his "party glow sticks" and constantly demonstrates them on his enemies.

Iroh II[]

General Iroh is voiced by none other than Dante Basco! Unlike his canon counterpart, though, his lines solely are comprised out Dante Basco sound clips from various sources. In Book 2, the dark spirit Pierrot affects Iroh and the Zuko scream comes out (just watch Episode 15/16 you'll get it).


PVB Sven the Equalist 1

Sven the Equalist is a character the creators made and named themselves. He constantly is questioning the Equalists' antics and Amon's credibility, even though he is an Equalist himself. This always leads to him getting zapped. While Sven always raises good points, someone just needs to stop letting him in the rallies.

Equalist Protester[]

PVB Unitelligible Yelling Equalist

The Equalist Protester is more annoying than canon, and is the embodiment of the fanbase's shitstorm over The Legend of Korra and how it compares to Avatar: The Last Airbender. His squeaky annoying voice and screaming symbolizes the fans of ATLA that hate LOK. He's a good outlet for pissed off creators, as most of what he says is unintelligible, like some of the fanbase's complaints.

Book 2[]



Desna & Eska[]





Zhu Li[]

President Raiko[]

Ongoing Jokes[]

A list of ongoing jokes throughout the series. For a list of popular Tropes associated with this series, see the TV Tropes page.

  • Mako's (or M'Lil's) failed rap career is referenced often. His inability to realize how terrible he is or give up on said rap career makes him the butt of many jokes.
    • "Son, nobody is ever in the mood for your funky fresh beats." - Tenzin
  • Korra frequently used the "looking for the bathroom" excuse in canon and in this series. It eventually became the second rule in the PVB Universe Rules that there are no bathrooms in Republic City besides in Asami's mansion. This is brought up a lot, and even expanded to the South Pole in Book 2. Korra is the only one to actually be bothered by this notion.
  • Average velocity of her boob-jiggle
  • While only used twice in the first two episodes of the series, when Korra thinks of violence, the word "BONER" goes across the frame as it is sung. While it was stated by the creators sherbies and equalistmako that this joke has died, it was also stated that it could potentially be brought back for book four "one more time for when Korra sees Asami in that light."
  • Both Mako and Tenzin seem to have a very difficult time remembering Asami and Pema's respective names.
    • Asami has been referred to as "Salami", "Frank", "Pastrami", "Origami", "Tsunami", "Toonami", "Illuminati", "Calamari", and "Seychelle Gabriel".
      • Luckily, in episode 11/12, he actually used her real name for once.
    • Pema has been often been called "Pamela", "Patricia", "Paprika", "Petunia", and "Patty", among others.
  • Lin Beifong speaks in a mixture of popular American slang from the 1920s-90s that makes what she says nearly unintelligible at times -- both for the actual audience watching and for the other characters.
    • This includes many catchphrases including:
      • "Imma copper and you're just a wet socket in this jolly-up. PEACE. OUT. HOME. SKILLET." (Episode 4)
      • "HI-DE-HO!" (Several Occasions)
      • "Bag your face and gag me with a spoon! Stop dippin' in my koolaid on this bushwa ya DICKWEED. chEE-UH!!!" (Episode 10)
      • "Hoodlum!" (Several Occasions)
  • Asami and Korra both tend to break out a deep, terrifying voice when they get too excited or worked up. Although, while Korra's outbursts are by the same voice actress, Asami's are done through a different actor. This was mostly a running gag in Book 1, and hasn't been done again since episode 8.
    • "Whoops, sorry! My voice does that sometimes~" - Asami
  • Lin is almost never sober and repeatedly tries to hit on people (namely Tenzin).
  • Ridiculous lines from the original series are sometimes kept in the script along with the phrase [ACTUAL CANON DIALOGUE] shown on-screen.
  • Unalaq is blatantly an evil villain, but Korra is completely oblivious to it.
  • In Book 2, the characters (mostly Mako) act shocked or surprised when they see Asami standing next to them. This is to emphasize the fact that the editors have had to fully animate Asami back in at some points because she was barely in the original Book 2 episodes.
  • Starting in episode 2, every opening sequence has a different title caption underneath the Project Voicebend logo:
    • Episode 2: "Or The Legend of Korra Abridged or something"
    • Episode 3: "No firebender crotches were harmed in the making of this episode"
    • Episode 4: "AKA: 'The Legend of "Tee Hee Sex!"' because we are adults"
    • Episode 5: "Brace yourselves. The love triangle is coming"
    • Episode 6: "Would Mako and Amon bond over bad puns?"
    • Episode 7: "In no way affiliated with Tarrlok's lame task force"
    • Episode 8: "Sound-proof headphones not included"
    • Episode 9: "Now in Accidental-Canon-Vision!"
    • Episode 10: "Every time Bolin says a thing, punch the writers!"
    • Episode 11/12: "Don't miss PVB Book 2 coming in 3005!"
    • Episode 13: "STUDIO PIERROT WUZ HEER"
    • Episode 14: "We don't know what's happening in the B-plot either."
    • Episode 15/16: "Featuring Korra's excellent judge of character!"
    • Episode 17/18: "Book 2: Not even doctors can save you now"
    • Episode 19/20: "It took us 3 years to get to the beginning"
    • Episode 21/22: "R.I.P. Pierrot. 2013-2013"
  • Katara is moist. We get it already.


  • Due to the quality level of animation in the original series, generic lip flap techniques don't always work out. Because of this, not a single episode of Project Voicebend is devoid of some sort of hand-drawn lip flap or edit. Sometimes the main editor (sherbies) has to go as far as to completely redraw a scene (or 5) or even fully animate complete sequences.
  • Mako's "M'Lil" persona is based off of the failed rap career of David Faustino (Mako's voice actor in The Legend of Korra) who referred to himself as "D'Lil" and released the single "I Told Ya" on an album called Balistyx in 1992.
  • Lin's strange use of slang started off in episode one as a way to poke fun at her canon use of "diddly squat" after arresting Korra. As the episodes progressed, however, the positive attention this got from fans allowed her manner of speech to be a consistent part of her character.
  • Since episodes one and three were made during the hiatus between Books Two and Three, when fanbase complaints and criticisms about Book Two were common, the Equalist protester in these episodes was a way for the creators to poke fun at the fanbase at the time. Instead of protesting against benders and promoting the Equalist cause, the protester would usually spout the most common complaints about Korra that year, often in an unintelligible way. (Of course, the creators didn't know that Project Voicebend would really go anywhere at the time - but luckily, the protester's depiction hasn't sparked any viewer controversy as of yet.)
  • In episode 10, the "Bolin Saying Things" counter gag served as a way for the creators to poke fun at Bolin's lack of lines in canon at the time. The original canon episode only gave Bolin three lines, two of which were improv from his voice actor, P.J. Byrne.
  • Project Voicebend was originally created and released in the fall of 2012. The first episode was over 20 minutes long, barely had any original dialogue in the script, and had such low production value that the creators were almost relieved when YouTube deleted the video due to a copyright claim. Nearly 2 years later, the project was revamped into what it is today.
  • Even though as an abridged series it should be protected under Fair Use and Parody law, episode one was flagged by YouTube with a copyright claim by Viacom. After a failed attempt at disputing the claim, the video was permanently deleted off of the popular video sharing website. Episode one was relocated to Vimeo shortly after. In an effort to avoid more copyright strikes and account termination, most of the episodes have been solely uploaded to Vimeo (The only episodes that remain on YouTube as well are 2-6 and 21/22). More recently, the full-length episodes have started being uploaded to Instagram's video platform, IGTV.
  • Janet Varney has seen and enjoyed the show. The creators dread specifically Dante Basco and Bryke seeing the series, though Bryke have seen other pieces of art and works from the creators (Approval of God).

List of Episodes[]

Book One Episodes:[]

Episode Description Air Date
Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.57
Episode 1: Welcome to the Plot Avatar Korra embarks on a journey of self-discovery...and violence and sex ed. March 23, 2014
Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.58
Episode 2:

That Leaf Joke

Continuing onwards towards the plot, Korra jizzes over probending and meets some people! Unfortunately, one of these people can't rap to save his damn life.

... And that creepy masked guy from the last episode? Eh, you'll figure him out later.

April 16, 2014
Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.58
Episode 3:

The Mind-Bending Fun Hour

Bolin is kidnapped or something... nothing new. May 12, 2014
Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.58
Episode 4:

The Whoopee in the Night

More people sashay into Korra's life (whether she wants them to or not), including an heiress who's Mako's girlfriend for some reason and a three-ponytailed man who smells like feminine hygiene products. July 22, 2014
Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.59
Episode 5:

The Spirit of Love Triangles

Everybody’s in love with everybody apparently. Either Cupid-Bryke’s in Republic City or there’s something in the water supply. August 22, 2014
Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.59
Episode 6:

And the Loser is You

Amon wants to take the “bending” out of “probending” and ruin sports forever. September 22, 2014
Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.59
Episode 7:

The Morning After

After all that crazy stuff happened during the probending match, Korra decides to take a load off with the brothers and Asami. You can imagine how well Asami takes this. November 20, 2014
Episode 8: When Poop Gets Extreme Can you handle all of this drama and action??? No? Well, blame Tarrlok for that, he’s a dick. February 20, 2015
Episode 9: Out of the Box The quest is on! After Tarrlok kidnaps Korra, her trusty friends search for her, Korra searches for her past lives, and Mako searches for…something else? May 3, 2015
Episode 10: Turning the Beat Around If you forget what this episode’s about, it’s the one where Pema gives birth. And other stuff happens probably. June 28, 2015
Episode 11/12: Endgame in the Closet The season finale is here! Will Korra and her friends be able to violently kick Amon in the nards once and for all?? September 12, 2015

Book Two Episodes:

Episode Description Air Date
Episode 13: Smells Like Rebel Spirit Finally, a new season! And it looks like Korra’s learning a thing or two about the spirits and the bees. March 3, 2016
Episode 14: The Field Trip Unalaq takes Korra on a field trip to the South Pole with her family and friends. Doesn’t get more exciting than that. August 23, 2016
Episode 15/16: Civil Wars: The Movie: The Saga A war that Korra’s NOT pumped up about? And Unalaq was evil the whole time?? Just what is going on here?!? December 27, 2016
Episode 17/18: The Stingkeeperers Korra fucking loses it. like, straight up. she is out for BLOOD, man. Meanwhile, Mako’s also having kind of a bad week. April 4, 2017
Episode 19/20: Startings A comatose Korra goes back to the beginning of the Avatar cycle and follows the story of Wan, the first Avatar and the first lil shit. August 11, 2017
Episode 21/22: The New Spiritual Guide Korra comes crawling back to the airfamily to try going into the spirit world. Tenzin’s a big baby so he can’t come with, but maybe Super-Great-At-Everything Jinora can? March 5, 2018
Episode 23/24:TBD Not much is currently known about the plot, but editing will pick up after PVB's Voltron one-shot is finished (it's about 75% done). We ~do~ know:

"okay I have a plane so we can just fly in and get your dad back!" - Asami

TBD (2020 maybe???)



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