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ProHunk is an polish abridged of the DBZ series, he voices all the characters himself (however he started his "series" from the Vegeta & Nappa invasion on Earth but with Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin being the only ones alive), he currectly is at episode 18 with Goku taking on the Ginyu force


  • He uses the english spelling of Freeza (Frieza), despite that spelling only apllying to the AXN Spin lector (Other versions in the polish version of DB/Z/GT/Super uses Frezer/Freezer (also spelled Frizer) and Freeza)
  • He mocked english when Freeza's treat for namekians to speak "polish", with Muuri saying "Polisz to mi jajca" (suck my b*lls)
  • He has an obsesion to have Vegeta f*ck Guldo's mom
  • He made Vegeta into an bigger psychopath than he originally is (if that's possible)