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Voice Acting, Script Writing, Video Editing, & Producing





ProfKranc is a voice actor/online content creator mainly known for his: How to Abridge tutorials and the ABCOM Podcast.

Currently, ProfKranc has not started any abridged series beyond a few, fairly popular, One Shots. He has also been featured in several abridged series as a voice actor in both major and minor roles.


ProfKranc entered the Abridged community, accroding to interviews, purely out of fun.

His first appearance in an Abridged Series was in his own "Another Abridged One Shot". According to ProfKranc, he said he was talking to a friend when they came across a tune which they thought would go great with an abridgement of the anime: Another. After taking the reigns of the production, he released it and got approached by LeMiles to act as Issei in his Highschool Double Ds Abridged.

From there, ProfKranc experimented with several anime, not settling down on one. He released School Days Abridged, Beyblade Abridged and Parasyte Abridged. During this time, he also released a few How to Abridge tutorials, teaching the technical aspects of creating an abridged series.

Upon releasing Parasyte Abridged, he caught the attention of PowerMadOtaku and has collaborated with him as a voice actor since.

ProfKranc then discovered he lived quite close to abridger: FoulFangFiend, who introduced him to the rest of the abridging community.

Since then, he kickstarted ABCOM (the Abridged Community Discord Server) and the ABCOM Podcast! This podcast (which featured guests such as Soulbrothanumbah3, LittleKuriboh, KaiserNeko, Eagle8Burger, ShadyVox, Faulerro and many more) tackled and debated several different areas concerning the community such as:

Is #TIBA a good thing?

Is making money from abridging ethical

Is Abridging Legal

What is abridging to people


All during this time, ProfKranc has provided voice over for many different productions including video games, audio plays, animations, etc. One of his most notible being the announcer and voice director for Hyper Gauge's ONE MINUTE MELEE.


  • How To Abridge Tutorials
  • Another Abridged - One Shot
  • BeyBlade Abridged One Shot
  • Evangelion Abridged One Shot
  • FREE Abridged Short
  • Parasyte The Maxim Abridged
  • Phoenix Wright - Parody at Law
  • School Days Abridged - One Shot


  • Currently, his Beyblade Abridged has been labelled "Episode 1", however we have yet to see anything continuing it.
  • ProfKranc has hosted a "How to be an Online Voice Actor" panel at several conventions around the UK and Ireland.
  • Lives in the UK.