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Brotherhood of Abridger Studio

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Brotherhood of Abridgers Studios was started by Endar_Ren and Brengarret in February 2009. After deciding on doing Command & Conquer, Endar contacted an online friend, Tekno, who he met playing C&C: Tiberian Sun online, to see if he would be interested in joining. They began with script writing and casting calls and a month after they were founded, they posted their first episode of Command & Conquer Abridged.

Their next episodes showed the unique approach employed by Brotherhood. Because there are two story lines in Command & Conquer, the abridged version has two versions of each episode. One version is from the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) Campaign and the other is from the Brotherhood of Nod (Nod) Campaign.



  • Endar_Ren - Mixer, Writer.
  • Brengarret - Mixer, Writer
  • Joseph D. Kucan - Voice Actor
  • Tekno - Game-play footage provider, Voice Actor.
  • Tanya - Voice Actress
  • James_Doe - Voice Actor
  • CrankyGeneral - Voice Actor

Former Member

  • Corpsie - Vocie Actor


The group uses Windows Movie Maker along with some other softwares.


  • Command & Conquer Abridged.


  • The name "Brotherhood of Abridgers Studios" is derived from one of the playable factions in Command & Conquer, the Brotherhood of Nod.
  • Joseph D. Kucan was brought on board because he was the actual actor for the most re-occuring characters in Command & Conquer, Kane.