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November 19, 2008 - January 2, 2013

Once upon a time, there was a man who died.

(Of course, he was important to the plot, so that didn't stop him for long.)

The man's job was the writing and telling of stories...so it should be no surprise to anyone that the story he didn't finish came back to bite everyone in the ass. His characters escaped from the book and out into the real world, where the hero cut out his own heart to seal the villain away. This caused the story to screech to a halt, which made the undead author frustrated and bored.

Once upon a time, a duck fell in love with a heartless prince. Finding this a fascinating plot twist, the author gleefully offered her the chance to help her crush. The duck agreed, and the author used his powers to turn her into a girl. Now, the former-waterfowl must become a Magical Ballerina Princess to recover the pieces of the prince's heart... assuming the abridging team doesn't get bored first.


Although it was the third abridged series for Princess Tutu to release an episode, TutuOnAbridger's series is the only one ever to make more than two. Currently the series is complete at 26 live episodes. Scripts were written for the entire series in advance with a target to have all 26 episodes released by the end of 2012 (as of the release of episode 25). A more complete history can be found on the team's page.

In mid-December, 2015, the entire abridged series was temporarily deleted from youtube due to a copyright claim by King Records. However, as of January 15, 2016, all episodes have been restored.


Writing by Elf

Co-writing by Blade

Voice Acting: Elf, Blade, Walker, Runen, Doodle, Taslin, Ekul

Editing by Blade

Editing Suggestions/Error Catching by Taslin

Openings and Ending Themes:[]

Opening Theme: "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" by the Scissor Sisters

Episode 4 Guest Opening Theme: "Baby, Get Up and Dance" by AB

Episode 17 Guest Opening Theme: "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston

Ending Theme: "Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix)" by Caramell

Alternate Character Interpretation:[]

Major Characters

  • Duck: A waterfowl-turned-fangirl who occasionally turns into a Magical Ballerina Princess: Princess Tutu! Her job is to restore Mytho's lost emotions, but really, she spends all her time trying to get into his pants (assuming he's wearing them at the time). Though blessed with a perfect ass, she is doomed to be unrequited in love because she'll turn into a speck of light and vanish from existence if she ever confesses her feelings. However, in Season 2, she seems to develop a crush on Fakir, and in Episode 23 she tells Drosslemeyer that he has no power over her, because she has a new love interest.
  • Mytho: The fairytale prince from Drosselmeyer's story who has lost his heart... and his common sense. He has some trouble with the concept of wearing clothes. Mytho's always ready with a random fact (a habit he picked up from watching too much Jeopardy). He regained the feeling of Plot at the end of Season 1 and became important, but because Kraehe had soaked it in liquid evil first, he's turning into a villain and trying to steal the hearts of innocent young girls. However, he often messes up his lines when he does. In episode 17 it is revealed that he got is own TV show called "Everyone Loves Mytho!" (The title was very likely to have been inspired by the popular TV show "Everyone Loves Raymond!") Episode 23 is the first episode Mytho is seen talking directly to the crows, where he reveals to Kraehe that the crows told him about the plot, and turned in to a crow man.
  • Rue: Mytho's controlling girlfriend, who develops a supreme dislike of Princess Tutu because of the way she's messing with Mytho's personality (or lack thereof). In the first few episodes, she apparently had a "fling" with Fakir that ended rather fast. She transforms into the Dark Magical Ballerina Princess Kraehe in order to stop heart shards from returning and generally ruin our heroine's day. She was showed to be the Raven's daughter as of Season 2, but in Episode 23, she was revealed to have been adopted by the Raven.
  • Fakir: Mytho's former roommate & Ex-Nazi friend, who inflicts general abuse on anyone who gets too close. His catchphrase: "MORON!!" He appears to be strangely aware of the narrative conventions that surround them. It has been revealed that Fakir is a diagnosed schizophrenic, due to no one believing his claims that he's a character in a fairytale. He has stopped taking his medication, and was suspended from school because of it, only to return several episodes later. For a while he was worried that the Shipping Bridge from Episode 7 had changed him, but by episode 23, admitted that he didn't care ether way because he was a douche back then. (Which he was, but that's besides the point.)
  • Edel: A mysterious and helpful jewel selling prostitute who gives Duck cryptic advice once an episode and then disappears into the mist. She is actually a puppet/robot created by Drosselmeyer, and she burned herself alive after he removed her sex drive at the end of Season 1. In Episodes 23 & 24 she came back as a red ghost to give one last piece of advice, and bad mouth Uzura.
  • Drosselmeyer: A manipulative pedophile ghost-writer who lives in a clock and works to make his fairytale the perfect story. He picked Duck to be Princess Tutu because she's the only one who fits in the costume.
  • The Raven: The titular Raven from Drosselmeyer's story and Mytho's archnemesis who was sealed away when the Prince removed his heart. Now he languishes in his prison until someone can find a way to get him out. (Which someone does in Episode 25.) He is fond of both abusing his daughter Kraehe and of the television show "That's So Raven." (When the series was canceled he wasn't happy.)
  • Uzura: Edel's inner child, who somehow magically survived being burned and now lives at the Schmied with Fakir and Charon. She is the cause of many awkward moments between Fakir and Duck.

Recurring Minor Characters

  • Pike and Lilie: Duck's so-called "friends" at Goldcrown Academy; in reality, they spend most of their time physically abusing her and taking advantage of her. Pike is slightly nicer, but Liliae is a full-blown sadist. They are virtually unchanged from the original series, only exaggerated. They are both in "the Ballerina Mafia" that Liliae started. Pike received an episode in the limelight when she caught Evil Mytho's wandering eye and briefly became a main character, to Liliae's dismay. They also frequently try to assassinate Mr. Cat.
  • Mr. Cat: The anthropomorphic cat who teaches ballet at Goldcrown Academy who is constantly holding an unspecified threat over his student's heads. He has a fondness for fanfiction, and has recently developed a debilitating allergy to hotness. However, this could also be Venustraphobia (also known as Caligynephobia), which is the fear of beautiful women. Season 2 reveals that he once harbored ambitions of becoming a LOLcat and even got to meet Ceiling Cat in person, but that his overproficiency with grammar forced him to abandon his dream. He has survived multiple attempts on his life from the Ballerina Mafia and never fails to accuse the wrong person. (A.K.A., he thinks it's Duck.)
  • Raven1: A snarky raven who has been assigned to Kraehe by his boss, serving as her minion and (essentially) babysitter. He is proud of his raven heritage and becomes extremely put out when people mistake him for a crow. He has a strong admiration of his deseased father "Commander Raven 0." (Who only appeared in the flash back of episode 23.)
  • Crow Army: They appear as normal evil birds, singing evil birds, even human-like evil ballerina warrior birds in episode 13! They appear to have an "accurate" knowing of the plot.
  • Autor: A guy who keeps showing up in the background, usually in the library. He makes his first major appearance in episode 21, has a few scenes in 22, a few lines in 23, makes two appearances in part 1 of episode 24, and three scenes in 25 of varying lengths. Lucky for him he is becoming a major character, which is what he suspected in the first place. However, he is not major enough to make it out of the minors list yet.

Abridged Series Side Plots:[]

The Shipping Bridge: Duck used the Shipping Bridge in Episode 7 to pray to the Gods of Fanfiction to grant her a new love interest, hoping that either she'd gain a more manly Mytho as a love interest (or maybe even Rue). So far, nothing appears to have changed--though Fakir has been getting more characterization lately... As of Season 2, Duck is in serious denial, though even her friends can see that she's got it bad for Fakir.

The Ballerina Mafia: Pike and Liliae formed the Ballerina Mafia, intent on dominating the criminal underbelly of ballet. Duck is unwillingly recruited. Their first objective was to assassinate their ballet teacher and take over Goldcrown Academy, which resulted in lots of near misses. With Pike's brief sojourn into major character-hood and all the new drama between Fakir and Mytho, the Mafia seems to have disbanded in Episode 15.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Near the end of Season 1, Kraehe initiates a direct conversation with Drosselmeyer that damages the Fourth Wall beyond repair. Some ominous voices express their pleasure at this turn of events...

Systematic Changes in the Abridged Series:[]

The Opening Stories

  1. The Three Brothers (Tales of Beedle the Bard)
  2. The Story of Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  3. The Barber and His Wife (Sweeny Todd)
  4. Corpse Bride (Modified Version)
  5. The Brave Little Toaster (Modified Version)
  6. High School Musical (Modified Version)
  7. Curious George (Modified Version)
  8. Julius Caesar (William Shakespeare)
  9. The Wizard of Oz (L.F. Baum)
  10. Labyrinth (Modified Version)
  11. The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock)
  12. Enchanted (Disney)
  13. Brer Rabbit (Modified Version)
  14. A Separate Peace (John Knowles)
  15. The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (C.S. Lewis)
  16. Little Shop of Horrors (Howard Ashman & Alan Menken)
  17. Zeus and Europa (Greek Mythology)
  18. Revenge of the Sith (George Lucas)
  19. Madeline (Ludwig Bemelmans)
  20. Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Caroll)
  21. Inkheart (Cornelia Funke)
  22. Myst (Robyn and Rand Miller)
  23. Watchmen
  24. Gladiator
  25. Donny Darko
  26. The Creation of the Abridged Series

The Transformation Music (by Episode):

  1. Horror Show (The Birthday Massacre)
  2. Russian Lullabye (Toybox)
  3. Overture (Sweeny Todd)
  4. Supermassive Black Hole (Muse)
  5. Inspire (Ayumi Hamasaki)
  6. Godot's Theme ~ The Fragrance of Dark Coffee (Trials and Tribulations OST)
  7. The Chicken Dance (Arr. Bobby Morganstern)
  8. Love^2 Sugar (DDR Mix)
  9. Kanto Pokérap (Arr. John Siegler)
  10. Hand of Sorrow (Within Temptation)
  11. Unfaithful (Rihanna)
  12. Magical Ballerina Princess with a Nice Ass (Original Song) <played in Part 2>
  13. Miracle (Cascada)
  14. Wannabe (The Spice Girls)
  15. Nursery Rhyme 2 (Okami OST)
  16. Stoning (Big O OST)
  17. The Lusty Month of May (Camelot)
  18. La Marseillaise (French national anthem)
  19. My Freeze Ray (Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog)
  20. Frontier Psychairty (The Avalanches)
  21. I am the Warus (The Beatles)
  22. Wonderwall (Oasis)
  23. <N/A>
  24. The Very Model of a Ballerina Princess (Original Song) <played in Part 2>
  25. Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley)
  26. <N/A>

Mytho's Heart Shards:

  • Hunger
  • Paranoia
  • Emo
  • Sarcasm
  • Sissiness
  • Incredibly Annoying
  • Creeper (or Obsession)
  • Skepticism
  • Plot
  • Conscience
  • The Last Heartshards (including Common Sense, Badassitude, Lamentations)
  • The Heartshard of Everything Else


Episodes Air Date
Episode 1: In which we are introduced to our protagonist, Princess Tutu saves Mytho from falling to his certain death, and an ominous figure has an eye on our heroine's perfect ass. Nov.19th, 2008
Episode 2: In which Drosselmeyer explains the plot, Duck discovers her Tutu powers, and a shard of Mytho's heart is recovered from a hungry anteater. Dec.5th, 2008
Episode 3: In which there are many Sweeny Todd allusions, Fakir and Rue begin their passionate affair, and Duck discovers exactly why it sucks to be her. Dec.28th, 2008
Episode 4: In which Piano Penguin Man saves the day, Duck and Rue learn the true meaning of Christmas, and a plot is artificially inserted into a filler episode. Feb.21st, 2009
Episode 5: In which Duck learns of Mr. Cat's secret passion, Mytho gets kidnapped by a snarky lamp, and everybody goes to RenFest '09. Mar.25th, 2009
Episode 6: In which a traveling ballet troupe comes to Goldcrown Town, Duck and Fakir do the Telepathy Tango, and Mytho becomes a total loser. Jun.11th, 2009
Episode 7: In which Fakir and Mytho hide out in Anne Frank's house, Duck puts in a request for a new love interest, and a mysterious (and sexy) rival appears. Jun.27th, 2009
Episode 8: In which Fakir perhaps actually has a soul, Pike and Liliae form the Ballerina Mafia, and there is a quasi-climactic showdown. Jul.31st, 2009
Episode 9: In which The Ballerina Mafia reveal their agenda, Fakir struggles with his new foreign impulse to be nice, and Rue decides to do something about Princess Manthief. Aug.26th, 2009
Episode 10: In which Duck gets more in touch with her feathery side, Fakir stops taking his medication, and Mytho and Kraehe (almost) get hitched. Sep.26th, 2009
Episode 11: In which Edel returns, Fakir actually does ballet, and there is a struggle over a Deus ex Machina. Oct.5th, 2009
Episode 12: In which the Fourth Wall is broken, Fakir and Duck form an unlikely alliance, and the climactic season finale begins. Nov.7th, 2009
Episode 13: In which Fakir gets distracted by a fight sequence, the season climaxes, and there is both a satisfying conclusion and a terrible cliffhanger. Dec.1st, 2009
Episode 14: In which Duck experiences déjà vu, the plot takes a turn for the dark, and nothing is really explained. Jan.17th, 2010
Episode 15: In which Pike becomes a main character, Kraehe finally gets to give her spiel, and the Ballerina Mafia begins to collapse. Jan.26th, 2010
Episode 16: In which Mytho needs anatomy lessons, Fakir conceals a flashback, and there is a good deal of pollen. Feb.21st, 2010
Episode 17: In which Duck and Fakir talk about their days, Rue fails to seduce a man-slut, and three gods of anime are invoked. May.8th, 2010
Episode 18: In which a coup de théâtre shocks the world, Fakir has a brush with the avant-garde, and subtitles provide a certain je ne sais quoi. Jun 11th, 2010
Episode 19: In which Drosselmeyer knows something you don't know, Mytho gets his fan-mail, and the jokes hit rock-BOTTOM. Sep.3rd, 2010
Episode 20: In which there is finally another sword-fight, Fakir is visited by a figure from his past, and the sanctity of marriage is restored. Nov.25th, 2010
Episode 21: In which a running gag explodes, a pen is somewhat mighty, and Fakir turns into a tree. (No, seriously.) Dec.22nd, 2010
Episode 22: In which Duck has a character epiphany, Fakir is attacked by a murderous snuggie cult, and and the plot gets even MORE meta. Jan.13th, 2011
Episode 23: In which the tone of the show is debated, Tutu drinks too much tea, and someone gets paid overtime. Mar.28th, 2011
Episode 24: You know what. Screw it. Have fun! Nov.22nd, 2011
Episode 25: Thought we were dead? Close. But only mostly. Jun.7th, 2012
Episode 26: You know, I've always thought January first was overrated.... Jan.2nd, 2013

Common or Recurring Jokes[]

  • "Sometimes, when a man and women love each other very much, they share a special hug." This is said instead of sex multiple times in the series.
  • "Doorknobs! My one true weakness!" In the first episode of the original series Duck was unable to open a door to say sorry to Mytho for what happened to his foot. Thus this joke was made to make the moment funnier. It reappears a couple more times after the first episode.
    • In the blooper reel for episodes 4 & 5, Duck's actress, Elf, is unable to say "doorknobs" for the scene, claiming that they are, indeed, her one true weakness.
  • "Oh no! He's dead!" Sometimes when Mytho falls and faints the people around at the time say this. This can also be said about Mr. Cat in episode 14, though from his awkward position after fainting it's quite understandable.

Running Verbal Gags[]

Shiny?: A common reaction when Tutu is involved.

  • First appears: Episode 1- 3:33

Is that Ghost Music?: Edel's entrance cue.

  • First appears: Episode 1- 2:16

Mytho's Varying States of Undress: "Put some pants on!"

  • First appears: Episode 1 - 1:23, 7:50

Oh Snap!: Identity crisis! (Transforms Duck into a duck.)

  • First appears: Episode 1- 9:14

Anachronisms: That hasn't been invented yet.

  • First appears: Episode 1- 2:08, 6:24

Why is Everything in German?: Come on! We're an English Dub of a Japanese TV show.

  • First appears: Episode 3- 5:38

Duck's Perfect Ass: It's Perfect!

  • First appears: Episode 1- 5:07, 6:48

Tutu On!: Magical Girl Catchphrase!

  • First appears: Episode 1- 8:28

Tutu Telepathy: "Is she composing poetry in her head?"

  • First appears: Episode 2- 9:04

Give me your beautiful body parts: "Heart, Mytho!"

  • First appears: Episode 15- 7:45


  • Episode 17 was aired 22 months before Whitney Huston's death. The guest theme song in that episode was "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney herself. This theme song was submitted in a contest to choose a theme song for episode 17 and was aired by the creator 25 months before Whitney's death.
  • In the official English dub, Fakir says idiot, while in Princess Tutu Abridged and in the Japanese version of the show he says moron.