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Pokemon: The Abridged Series (iamdude152 series)[]

Pokemon: The Abridged Series is a series that has been done by iamdude152 since June 2008. It is similar in style to other abridged series.


Ash Ketchum, a television-obsessed boy, is kicked out of his house at the age of ten by his mother, who suspiciously sounds like a man. After being given a Pikachu by Professor Oak and insulted by Gary, his journey gets off to a rough start when he unintentionally angers a flock of Spearow. He then steals a bicycle from Misty (who is addressed throughout the series as "Flatchest" by Ash and others) to take Pikachu to a hospital. As the Spearow swarm them, Pikachu lets out a thundershock, clearing the field. Ash then asks Pikachu if they can have sex.