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Pokemon the Abridged Series

Created by:

Master WGS


Master WGS
Dark Bomber Kid


10/14/2008 - 9/28/2012





Pokemon The Abridged Series (Also known as PTAS) is a retired abridge series by MasterWGS based off the original Pokemon anime.

Like many abridged series, PTAS takes the personalities of each character to their extremes and conveys the original plot, showing the ridiculous oversight of many characters within each episode. Unlike the Pokemon games and show, most of the Pokemon in this abridged series can speak English, although the trainers still don't understand them.

Apart from the youtube channel (where several episodes are blocked or deleted), Episodes 1-15 are available on iTunes[1], and Episodes 1-25 are available on Boxofdanger.com[2]


Pokemon The Abridged Series was created by Master WGS in October 14 2008. The pilot episode "More than a Game" was intentionally a cliffhanger ending, stating that Ash could have possibly died if reception was negative; the episode would have been the end of the series, as there would be no need to Pokemon

tie up any loose ends. With him YIPPEE 😁

being positive, the next three episodes were posted onto his Youtube Channel, all within one week of one another. With pressure from his fans to use different voice talent, WGS enlisted Dark Bomber Kid, ModernTenshi04, Chippy, and MegaKnight to work on the fifth episode of the series. After the creation of Episode 5, the group (excluding MegaKnight) worked together and formed PokemonAbridgedFTW, which produced additional things for the series (Episode 9: Charman-dizzle and the Pikachump was a joke episode).


Main Cast[]

  • Master WGS - Ash Ketchem, Misty
  • DarkBomberKid - Brock
  • ModernTenshi04
  • Chippy

Guest Appearances[]

List of Characters[]

Ash Ketchem[]

Ash is an average boy with serious family problems. His mother, the drug-addled Deliah Ketchem, and no sign of a father, Ash, at the ripe old age of 10, decides to leave for his dreams of being a Pokemon Master. Constantly the butt of the joke, Ash has trouble being socially acceptable, and even his pokemon constantly ridicule him. 


The youngest sister of the "Sextabulous Cerulean Sisters" Misty is the Gym Leader of Cerulean City. Generally mean, screaming, and just an all around bitch, Misty is the only female on the team. As such, she is generally regarded as whiny, and ends up just fighting with Ash a majority of the time. She uses water Pokemon (or Pokemon found "around" water, such as an Oddish). 


As the Gym Leader of Pewter City, Brock uses mostly rock type Pokemon. His father, having constantly abusing his many children sexually (including Brock), left the family to sell rocks and sound like the merchant from Resident Evil 4. His constant sexual abuse made Brock wish he were a woman named Lisa, and explains the reason he carries an apron and can cook. After Ash threatens to let the world know of his fixation with wanting to be a woman, Brock is reunited with his father. Brock decided it was better to leave his father with the other kids and the gym, and to travel with Ash rather than staying with his father. 

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Team Rocket[]

The notorious trio of Team Rocket are thieves that suck at their job. Jessie states that they used to be pedophiles, but are not anymore and James says that he used to take interpretive dance in high school.

List of Episodes[]

Episodes Air Date
PTAS Episode 1: More Than a Game October 14 2008
PTAS Episode 2: Terror Alert Viridian! October 28 2008
PTAS Episode 3: The Birds and the Bugs November 4 2008
PTAS Episode 4: Ash is Assaulted! November 25 2008
PTAS Episode 5: Daddy Issues November 30 2008
PTAS Episode 6: Mission Abolitionism! December 3 2008
PTAS Episode 7: Wet and Wild December 11 2008
PTAS Episode 8: Disturbing the Green Peace December 18, 2008
PTAS Episode 9: Charman-Dizzle and the Pika-Chump December 26, 2008
PTAS Episode 10: The Flame War Cometh January 3, 2009
PTAS Episode 11: Squirtle!? Can Ya Dig It!? January 29, 2009
PTAS Episode 12: Dungeons and Dragonites February 9 , 2009
PTAS Episode 13: Thunderdome 2-Electric Boogaloo February 28, 2009
PTAS Episode 14: Not Another Titanic Movie March 4, 2009
PTAS Episode 15: A LOST Cause (2 part on youtube, full on itunes) March 20, 2009
PTAS Episode 16: Beach Blues April 2, 2009
PTAS Episode 17: Nastina's Paradise Ruined April 28, 2009
PTAS Episode 18: Ghost of Maiden's Peak June 29, 2009
PTAS Episode 19: Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen August 20, 2009
PTAS Episode 20: Psychic Pshowdown August 31, 2009
PTAS Episode 21: Swayze September 5, 2009
PTAS Episode 22: Mankey Business March 22, 2010
PTAS Episode 23: She Who Smelt It......... October 2, 2010
PTAS Episode 24: The Sleepy Time Caper October 30, 2011
PTAS Episode 25: Time Police September 28, 2012